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    The Lapine

    What the hell happens to people after they get elected?

    Oh sure, we’ve come to expect campaign promises to be idealistic puff intended to woo votes. And we’re smart enough to know that reality slaps politicians’ dreams and goals sharply in the face once in office.

    But what is the mysterious thing that happens that makes most elected officials become sneaky creeps or outright assholes?

    In Canada, we have Mr. Harper. Early promises of transparency charmed us; today we have the most secretive, fact-manipulating government in the G8. We have a Prime Minister who is building prisons we don’t want or need, who has passed 27 kilogram omnibus bills with unwanted laws buried in the encyclopedic pile of paper, who has silenced everyone and anyone in government (scientists are not alone) from keeping Canadians informed. The list is nearly endless.

    Did Mr. Harper know from the get-go that he was going to Rule with a capital R? Did he just flat out lie to get elected? Or did the sour reality of politics bully him into becoming a bully?

    In the U.S., who can be trusted? Calgary-born Texas Senator Ted Cruz? Kentucky Senator and loopy libertarian Rand Paul? Not-currently-in-office-but-coming-soon-to-an-election-near-you Jeb Bush? Even Barack Obama is not the man he used to be.

    So what happens between the time someone decides to get into politics and the first time they park their keester in their new political swivel chair? Where went the lofty goals?

    We need a politician or 10 who just simply says what they mean and then goes about trying to make it happen. If things change or there are unforeseen harsh realities, tell us. We’re big boys and girls.

    Don’t lie to us by omission.

    Don’t do a jig for the cameras when there’s nothing to dance about.

    Don’t make your voice the only voice you hear.

    And don’t try a little honesty…try a whole bunch of honesty.

    I’d vote for that.


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    canada goose jackets wholesale

    Good, just what the white man has been waiting for

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