Gov. Perry Unable to Find Vagina on Anatomical Doll


In a skirmish at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston about the state’s new ultra-restrictive abortion law, Democratic Senator Wendy Davis angrily told Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry he knows nothing about human reproduction or women’s vaginas.

“You don’t have to own an SUV to know where to pump the gas,” responded Perry, drawing immediate boos from the small lecture hall full of med students and from some of the media in attendance.

As the governor’s press handlers started to interrupt, Perry waved them off and stepped up to an anatomically-correct ‘female’ doll used in medical training that was laying on an examining table in the room.

“I’m not stupid.  Those are the vagina right there,” said Perry, pointing at but not touching the labi majora, the visible protruding edges leading in to the vagina.

As CNN reported, the room went quiet for a very brief second before erupting in “loud, loud laughter and what-the-f’s.”  Over the noise, Senator Davis could be heard repeating over and over, “Are you kidding me?  Are you kidding me?”

Perry has been heavily criticized by large numbers of Texans and other Americans for signing into law House Bill 2 which bans abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and sets restrictive conditions that will shut down the vast majority of the state’s women’s health clinics that provide the service.  The clinics that will remain in business are owned by United Surgical Partners, a company marketed by Perry’s sister, Milla Perry Jones, who is also a shareholder.

As reporters began shouting questions at Governor Perry, he and security team agents huddled around the medical-training doll with Chief of Staff Billy B. Adair seen talking quietly into Perry’s ear.


“Hell, I was close,” said Perry, shrugging to the crowd in the room as he was shuffled out of the room speaking back over his shoulder.

“It’s all about protecting unborn life not about where some gal’s body parts are.  I knew it was there somewhere…” he could be heard saying as his voice trailed off into the hallway.

Senator Davis, who filibustered the first attempt to pass the abortion bill, said she couldn’t stop laughing because Perry’s comments were so “scary, scary stupid.”

“He just compared women’s bodies to his Chevy Suburban,” said Davis loudly over the buzz of talking in the room.

“Governor Perry couldn’t find a vagina today.  Governor Perry couldn’t find a vagina even if you put a post-it note on it.”

Sue Dunum

Reportering for The Lapine


Gov. Perry Unable to Find Vagina on Anatomical Doll — 178 Comments

          • Lets be honest most men don’t differentiate the vagina from the labia majora/menora give the guy a break on that..I bet you most mean would point in that general region and call it the vagina.

        • Libs always get mad and start name calling when people don,t agree with them. 47% don,t agree with Windy Davis. So how many people think she is the idiot?

          • THINKING someone is an idiot and demonstrating one’s own idiocy (as Gov. Perry did here in spades), are two completely different things.

          • Given you bad spelling and grammar, you have just proven a point. I wonder what that could be?

          • she clearly is more intelligent than Rick Perry whether you agree with her politics or not.

          • And apparently repubs don’t know how to spell a person’s name properly. It’s Wendy. Note: I’m moderate so piss off with your comments about me being a lib.

          • AND conservatives, when faced with one of their own who acts like a jackass, always whine about being “called names” when no one is calling “names” (like poopyhead or dummyface) people are merely calling them dumb and uniformed, which are legitimate words to describe someone who is, well, DUMB and UNINFORMED.

            Meanwhile, conservatives call our President things like “Obummer” and Liberals things like, “Libtards” – which ARE made-up “names” and are really really really dumb.

            Also all of your protest signs are misspelled.

          • Agree! Agree! What does agreeing have to do with it. First “always” (and “never”) is one of the few curse words that ignorant people often use. And “Libs” might often get angry at the ignorant, arrogant folks who say and do really stupid things, and seem proud of it. Rick Perry is working really hard at being king of stupidity and being proud of it. And Senator Davis spells her name “Wendy.” It is Perry who gets too “windy.”

          • “Lets be honest most men don’t differentiate the vagina from the labia majora/menora give the guy a break on that..I bet you most mean would point in that general region and call it the vagina.”

            Exactly. Most men can’t differentiate the vagina from the labia, yet most/ly/ men draft legislation concerning womens’ vaginas.

    • Perry is exactly what Texas wanted in a governor, else they shouldn’t have voted him in. Democracy is like that. You get exactly the leaders you deserve.

      • Yes, having 2 awful options certainly enables us to get exactly the leaders we deserve. How naive can you be? We don’t live in a democracy. We live in a world run by one party that’s just as garbage as the other.

      • Texas is the number one economy in the US. I don’t care if people like Rick Perry or not, but his State inherited the same mess as 49 others and Texas is nowhere near the disaster that the rest of the US is.

        • Yep Texas ranks #1 in minimum wage jobs and uninsured citizens. The state will put that uninsured ranking out of reach by any other states as soon as millions more lose their access to Medicaid as a result of Texas saying no to the Medicaid expansion $$ and more babies are born as a result of the de funding of Planned Parenthood and the passage of the anti choice bill that will also cause the closure of clinics that not only provide abortions but a broad range of health care services to women with low incomes….

          • You can keep your 3rd world state and your delusions…
            *Texas ranked dead last in the federal government’s latest report card on the delivery of health services.
            *Child poverty rate: 27%
            *Senior poverty rate: 16%
            *Women in poverty: 20%
            *Percent of single-parent families with related children that are below poverty: 38%
            *Texas ranks 44th among states in overall children’s health and well-being, the Annie E. Casey Foundation reports in its annual Kids Count Data Book. Texas’ child poverty rate is higher than the national rate, with one-in-four children living in poverty; the state ranks 49th in the country in children without health insurance, with 14% of kids uninsured.
            *Texas ranks last for adults with high-school diplomas.
            *Texas SAT scores rank 45th
            *Texas has the fourth highest teenage pregnancy rate in the United States. Despite these growing numbers, public schools in Texas teach an abstinence-only curriculum, leaving teens without the sexual and reproductive health information they desperately need.
            *Adults and children receiving welfare (TANF): 99,080
            Children receiving food stamps (SNAP): 2,188,000
            EITC recipients: 2,640,000
            Households receiving federal rental assistance: 277,015
            Families receiving child care subsidies: 66,200
            Participants in all Head Start programs: 93,132
            Number of children enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP: 4,444,025
            Number of women and children receiving WIC (Women, Infants and Children supplemental nutrition program): 969,893
            Households receiving LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program): 171,943

          • I blame the Mexicans padding the depressing statistics. Texas is the best state in the world.

          • Ahhh, thier bringing out the numbers, someone grab the 2012 census to shoot this shit down.

          • This is why the country is going to hell. When presented with facts, they say they can disprove them with something they are too poorly educated to realize doesn’t exist. The census is conducted once every decade on the 0. We had one in 2000, we had one in 2010, well have one in 2020. Its been that way ever since the first census in 1790. There is no 2012 census.
            In addition, a quick Google search brings me here.
            click on any statistic on the page and it will take you to the organization that each states their meathod for obtaining said numbers with all documentation to back them up. Your move.

        • Amazing to judge a state by how well businesses do ,and how the people are doing. Perry has decimated the schools and destroyed the health care system. What a shabby legacy and is he seriously thinking of another run for the presidency. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

        • Number 1 economy is questionable. If that’s based on being the state with the largest number of headquarters for questionable credit practices….Yep…you’re number 1.
          Thank you, you fucking bushes.

        • The other 49 states are not awash in Oil & Gas deposits and the center of the national petro-chemical infrastructure, established well before the Governors tenure. Not a disaster?? Highest teen pregnancy rate in the U.S., Highest percentage of uninsured citizens, lowest wages for new jobs created, highest percentage of citizens living in poverty….need I go on?

          • Please do go on, Steve. Texans need to learn where their vital organs went, including the organ of democracy… probably courtesy of Diebold (I mean whatever they renamed it) voting machines.

        • Texas is and has been going through a huge energy boom, ie oil. Perry landed on a pot of gold, that’s why our economy didn’t crash. Lets not forget all the gerrymandering. We are misrepresented down here in Tejas!!

        • As a resident of Texas, bullshit. Rick Perry inherited nothing. The only reason the economy is growing here is because people keep moving here. North Dakota has the number one economy, at 13.4% GDP, so again, you’re wrong. Texas is at 4.8% GDP. And none of this has anything to do with women’s reproductive rights, which Rick Perry is doing his very best to destroy. His religion is his problem and he needs to keep it out of politics. Fuck that guy.

    • Perry is an embarrassment to the human race. Now I have a whole truckload of insulting Texas jokes that could be slightly modified to apply to Perry, but that would be degrading the jokes. How did this jerk off get to be a governor.

    • To give him the benefit of the doubt (without overemphasizing the phrase “objectification of women”), I think Gov. Perry was simply referring to his regard for the anatomical doll as a “sports car” model, not a larger model. I wonder if he is equally adept at identifying such parts as “steering wheel” and “ignition lock” on the aforementioned model, or if the woman in his life has had a “Rick’s special tune-up” recently.

    • Seriously, of all the true things you could say about Gov. Perry that are embarrassing, idiotic, and so-bad-it’s-funny you stoop to perpetuating homophobia and using the tired “he prefers boys” as an insult?

      I almost feel sorry for someone who can only come up with mediocre middle school locker room humor when trying to poke fun at the dumbest politician since “I can see Russia from here” jokes were still funny.

      Bad form dude.

        • Sarah Palin made a comment to the effect that it would be helpful if she won the presidential election due to the location of the State of Alaska in relation to Russia. She may as well have said Tina Fey’s words. Potato Potahhhtoe.

        • Yeah, she did. In an ABC interview to a question “What insight into Russian actions… does the proximity of the state give you?” she replied: “They’re our next door neighbors. And you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska.” Youtube “Palin on her insight into Russian politics”

          • What the…She wasn’t incorrect. You CAN see Russia from islands that are considered part of Alaska.

          • @Dan: That is stupid, those islands are Alaska, even if you are an ignorant redneck.

        • Palin never said, “I can see Russia from my house!” – that was Tina Fey. However she did say that when Putin flies over Alaska she will see him first. What does that even mean?

      • I think it’s important to use his fear against him. If he thinks it’s bad to be gay then it’s his problem people use it to attack. If he can say that then why not offend him the same way?

        • That’s not valid in the slightest. By saying that he’s gay to insult him, you’re not insulting Perry alone–you’re insulting millions of actual gay people, who I think matter much more in terms of sheer number alone. Way to go, kiddo.

    • You’re honestly going with accusations that he’s GAY as an insult? The dude is a text book example of straight white cisgendered asshole, dripping in privilege and exemplifying the kind of self-involved, objectifying misogyny that’s quintessentially tied up with thinking of women as a place to stick your dick, and you’re going with the bizarre choice of ‘he’s gay’. WTF?

      • While I would never use “he’s gay” as an insult, folks from hereabouts in Austin are well aware of Governor Goodhair’s less than heterosexual preferences. Privilege, self-involvement, objectification, and misogyny are not just for straight white men.

        • He’s right. I’m from Austin and also would never call someone gay as an insult. Rick Perry was caught having sex with the very male Secretary of State Geoffrey Connor in Geoffrey’s office at the Capital building a few years back. His wife Anita Perry was living alone in one of my family’s rental properties at the time. This was back in 03-04. Closet homosexuals piss me off. Have the balls to live your life honestly.

          • ugh okay can you not call people with penises “very male” because that’s transphobic, like honestly, i know tons of people with dicks who are very much NOT male, can we really stop conflating genitalia with gender.

          • Umm genitals are exactly what make us male or female. Male and female is a sex not a state of mind. There are feminine males and manly females but genitals tell you exactly what you are. If you want to change that its your choice. How you use them is your choice.

      • I don’t think it’s using “gay” as an insult but as a way to show his abject hypocrisy and self-serving ass-holiness.

    • So you are insinuating GOV Perry is Gay and your further insinuation is that being Gay is somehow an insult. Sounds to me like you are a homophobe H8R. You should denounce yourself immediately.

    • Which part of the vagina do you actually think you can see on a naked woman? Or do you use a speculum on your naked females?

  1. “Inconceivable!”, to quote Wallace Shawn. But the biggest outrage is the fact that House Bill 2 directly benefits Perry’s sister’s company, United Surgical Partners, which runs the only clinics left standing after these restrictive measures are put in place. Way to go, Rick!
    Yup. Let’s take this country back – to the Middle Ages.

    • That’s the part that got me, too. It’s not that he’s trying to protect unborn babies, it’s that he’s being a typical Republican and doing his shameful deeds because of money. His sister’s money, granted, but I’m sure the lowlife Perry’s keep it all in the family. He’s willing to see thousands of women suffer needlessly just so his sister can make a buck. The man is not only a brainless dick-wad, he’s the Anti-Christ.

  2. I think your story is missing very important details! When did this happen exactly? What time? Why did this happen? Or exactly why was there a doll, etc.?! This is a good story but add that in to make it more credible. Thank you.

    • Did you read the opening, “In a skirmish at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston about the state’s new ultra-restrictive abortion law, Democratic Senator Wendy Davis angrily told Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry he knows nothing about human reproduction or women’s vaginas.” nuff said

    • “The Lapine is all about poking people and things that deserve to be poked. It is satirical commentary written by all kinds of people from here, there and darned near everywhere.”
      literally from the about section of this website.

    • Way to make fun of an asshole, and from the whole gay argument we know he knows where an asshole is. So does he just hate women? Since most gays do, and it is well known that gays want babies and we all know heterosexuals are making the gay babies, I don’t blame him for closing down those abortion clinics nor is it his fault he knows very little of the female anatomy and such. Hell, if you only like penis and anus why do you need to know where the vagina is? I SUPPORT THIS.

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  4. Before everyone gets bent out of shape or start reposting this as news, perhaps you should check the how this story is tagged. Namely the ‘Satire’ and ‘Humor’ tags…

    Ah, we Americans. No matter which side we fall on we’re all so eager to believe everything the internet says.

    PS: Perry does suck.

    • “The Lapine is all about poking people and things that deserve to be poked. It is satirical commentary written by all kinds of people from here, there and darned near everywhere.” this actual quote from the “about” section of this website should maybe make you consider your use of the word “proving,” Rhonda.

  5. Thank God he never even made the first cut to get into veterinary school. The rest of us (veterinarians) would be a bigger laughing stock than Sarah Palin if he did….but there was no danger. He is not bright enough to do anything requiring him to think or use deductive reasoning.

    • Seriously… I realize this is a fake article, but what was he supposed to do?? Stick his finger in the hole??? Ew…

  6. Is this an Onion article or maybe the Daily Currant? I know the guy is an idiot but I didn’t think he was quite THIS stupid.

    • no actually The Lapine is a satire website that writes its own content, don’t worry– it’s not stealing from The Onion.

  7. Oh come on…. this is SATIRE..(please let it NOT be!)…He is a dumb-ass troll but he does have some “spin” people around him to prevent this stuff really happening…well, now that I think of it, his inability to name 2 of the 3 Government departments he would dismantle and shut down during his disastrous run at the Presidential nomination could easily been satire a la Onion, but in fact it was real…hmmmmmmm. He may not be able to identify a woman’s “vaginas” he could zero in on a dick in a nano-second!..Just sayin’…

    • 1.) “The Lapine is all about poking people and things that deserve to be poked. It is satirical commentary written by all kinds of people from here, there and darned near everywhere.” – the about section
      2.) Gay is not an insult, Thom. Saying he could zero in on a dick and meaning it in a derogatory fashion is homophobic.

    • It’s only believable because the leftists these days are so full of hate and intolerance that they would make a big story over nothing.

      • I do not think hate or intolerance co-inside with anything the “lefties” have done,or vote towards. I think you might have confused directions =}

  8. Appreciate your support of women’s health and reproductive rights. (Grammatical note: “As the governor’s press handlers started to interrupt, Perry waved them off and stepped up to an anatomically-correct ‘female’ doll used in medical training that was laying on an examining table in the room.” >>>> You want to use “lying.”)

  9. Darn, it’s satire. Honestly, with everything else they’re saying and doing, it would not surprise me in the least for this to turn out to be real.

  10. If that last line gets around, I predict a lot of Texan women mocking Perry by wearing Post-Its pointing to their vaginas.

  11. Even tho satire, it is very interesting how many people believed it since he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed!

  12. This is stupid. The “vagina” is actually an internal component of the female reproductive system. What did you want Perry to do? Sick his finger in the doll? Grow up.

  13. this guy is a dickbag clearly – however i probably would of pointed to the same part and called it a vagina and im a girl.

  14. Wow, I can’t imagine being with someone and not knowing what their entire body looks like. If he thinks it’s okay to take away the fundamental rights of something he has minimal knowledge or understanding on he should not be in such a high position. Mix his lack of basic education with his carelessness towards what he is saying and you have a small disaster.

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  16. You all know that this story isn’t true right?

    Even if it were, I would still stand with him. Here’s why: Even if he were a complete idiot like you all claim, he is taking a stand to protect life. All of you, in your rages of anger, are blind to the fact that you represent the absolute most evil element of society. Go to a hospital, see how tiny a preemie baby is, watch it wiggle and cry. Those babies are even younger than the babies who are dismembered through late-term abortions. Dismembered. Alive. So imagine those preemie babies, and now imagine yourself reaching in and pulling off it’s little red arms and legs as it tries to cry with it’s tiny lungs. I will stand with an idiot any day of the week before I’d stand with someone with a black enough heart and an evil enough soul to do that. Rick Perry may not be the brightest bulb, but he’s not going to burn in hell.

    • One, you’re lying, because Texas already has had regulations in place prohibiting abortions past 20 weeks, and because you apparently have no idea how an abortion is actually performed if you think it involves dismemberment with the intent to cause pain. Secondly, this bill isn’t even about abortion, its about denying women their right to reproductive health. Texas is a huge fucking state, and many of these clinics that will have to close their doors weren’t merely abortion clinics, they provided many services to women, including standard gynocological services, for instance cervical cancer screening. Women who rely on these clinics to be their OB/GYN do not have the money or resources to travel six hours to go see someone. You are literally putting blastocysts of cells in front of women dying because their cervical cancer wasn’t caught early enough, and that is what is sick here. Thirdly, your moral stance has no sway over the fundamental reason why abortion is legal, and should be safe and legal and easy to access for everyone. Bodily autonomy clauses state that you cannot be forced to sustain someone else’s life using your own bodily fluids and organs without your consent. This is why you have to give consent when you donate blood, and have to indicate you give permission for your organs to be donated, even after you die. It doesn’t matter how many lives you could save, or how tragic the situation is. A father can deny his child a life saving bone marrow transplant, a healthy person can refuse to have their organs donated to those who desperately need them after they are already dead. Therefore, by supporting a “pro life” agenda, you are literally saying you want to give pregnant women less basic human rights than a corpse. That is sick. And finally, I have spent plenty of time with preemies, my Aunt is a nurse who cares for them. A pro choice nurse, I might add. Don’t you dare try to garner pity that way, it is low and dirty

      • YOU don’t want to admit what MANY abortions entail, some worse than dismemberment. That having been said, your choice of vocabulary reveals your lack of maturity and objectivity and ability to reason. And beyond that, 99.9% (roughly) of all pregnant women HAD the right to choose…to choose whether to allow sperm our block it, one way or another. They DID give consent. But having done that, having participated in the creation of another person who ALSO deserves the right to choose, women ought then to defer their wishes to the one who cannot speak for himself.
        As if you actually believe that because you have an aunt that is a nurse, you are somehow an authority on murder. Seriously?


      • The preemie comparison makes you angry because it turns this into something you can relate to. It makes you angry because it makes you realize who you’re actually killing. There are videos on dailymotion and other sites of actual abortions, where you can see the arms and legs being removed after being torn off of a live baby. Do your research. Watch the videos. Those arms and legs belong to babies who, if they’d been born right before an abortion, would have been the very preemies that you and your aunt profess to care so much about. If you can watch a pair of toothed thongs holding a bloodied and freshly torn babies leg, and still think that you’re on the right of this, then you have truly been twisted by this world. You need to get your heart right before God.

        And I’m glad you say that no dismemberment’s occur with the “intent of pain”. That’s a relief. I’m sure it’s a relief to those being dismembered as well.

    • Thank you, Scott! These people who are so busy making a joke out of Perry and who support late-term abortions ought to be made to go to a hospital and be the ones to dismember these babies, be the ones to clip their spines. Most of the people value the life of a child rapist more than they value the lives of these innocents. I don’t care how bright or not so bright Perry is or what his sexual orientation is, I stand with him on this issue. And you who are laughing can laugh at me, too!

  17. I am so glad that Sen. Wendy Davis got a chuckle out of Gov. Perry, after her slap down given by Gov. Perry she needed it. But the point I would like to make has to do with late term abortion. I know everybody has heard the so-called brilliant remarks made in favor of infanticide, which in terms of late term abortion is exactly what it is, and there is no description anywhere in the English language that better describes the action which by Democrates, and liberals should be the right of women.
    If in fact a woman wants to participate in the act of procreation of a human life she of course has that right, but if that woman wants to participate without being ready to take the responsibility for that decision and claims that having an abortion is her choice, then boundreis are being broken that should not be. There are alternatives that could be employed that would erradicate the need for this act of infanticide. But the abdication of acceptance of responsibility deminishes the role and position of the woman, it also brings to the surface, the total disregard for the sancity of life. It is my position that irregardless of politics, feminism, and the left wing liberal approach, when you devalue the worth of a human life, as is done in abortion you devalud the worth of humanity. I have always viewed women as the greatest gift God ever gave to men, I have been in awe of women for their ability to bring life to this planet through culmination of the miracle of birth. I know that I could never understand the depth of the pain and suffering a woman goes through in order to complete that miracle, and I guess that’s is what makes it so awesome. To terminate this miracle on the basis of “It is my right!” so deminishes that respect and awe, that I feel the ground you loose, you will never again be able to regain.
    But yet, there is another part of it that I never heard discussed, the aftermath, speaking from the point of experience and knowledge of what it means to take a life, the outside, where you say everything is OK, never ever reflects the inner feelings of abject guilt and remorse that politics, and feminism, and liberalism can never fix. When it comes to that, you are totally alone, and what happens is between you and God.

    • If there is a God.Who knows maybe there is a God and he does not even give a rats butt about us.We see all the hate and pain out there. Child molesting Priests ,Death Squads,Rapists… Maybe we are putting too much into this God thing.If I was God I would act differently.This God deserves an F for slacking.

  18. Is Perry one of those guys who has sex in the dark so he doesn’t have to see his wife’s ‘naughty no-no’ parts? “THOSE are the vagina”? Even the analogy “you don’t have to own an SUV to know where to pump the gas” makes no sense…he sounds in’dick’ative of the rest of the GOP who want to control what women do with their reproductive system…

  19. Just goes to show we need a wholesale replacement of all our elected officials. Anyone in politics or with more than $500K in the bank needs to be ineligible. The the 995 take back this country…

  20. Woooow. Did anyone bother to scroll to the bottom of the page? This site is an Onion knock-off. Y’all got trolled HARD.

  21. This is an extremely stupid, obnoxious thread. Many people, including many women, might not know the precise names and locations of the various parts of the female genital anatomy. Most governors, I would guess, have never taken an anatomy course. Most medical students would not know how to develop a state budget or attract new business to the state.

  22. Could you see the hundreds of meme’s that would have been made with the photo of him fingering a doll? I would not have done it either.

  23. I’m not interested in the political discourse, however I have been a gynecologist longer that most of the posters on this site and certainly any medical student in that class. That being said, many men AND women, even the most educated among us, commonly refer the the external female genitalia, i.e, the Vulva, as the vagina.

    I have had patients with advanced degrees, positions as high as CEO, etc., tell me, in a whisper, “I have an itch…pain…odor…whatever, ‘down there’ “.

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  25. Too hostile to be considered an example of appropriate secondary group socialization—This story misleadingly conveys the idea that anyone is suitable for incumbency if they simply have the wherewithal to point & cackle at another’s shortcomings.

  26. Wow. I can’t believe how much hate is in here. Haters need to take a deep breath and understand there is a difference between the person and the policies.

  27. Ya know, this article isn’t fair. Now a days ‘vagina’ is used by a collective term. “I waxed my vagina today.” Woman, and other opponents, would just as easily ridicule Gov. Perry for inserting his finger into the doll and saying, “Here it is!” He’d be called a pervert.
    I’m not a Texas republican. It’s just how I see it.

  28. How many of you realize this not real?
    I mean, Rick Perry is shit and scum, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were real, but it’s not.
    This website is for laughs. Please do your research my darlings.

  29. At Charisse – obviosly you don’t know “hole” from “whole”, let really decide who the intelligent one is?? Apparantly not the one living outside the gov’s mansion.

  30. That is so unfair and mean of you people and the media to pick on that politically and mentally challenged maverick, much like his demented mentor, George W. Bush. On the state level Perry outdid Bush on executing Texas prisoners, and now holds the record. The anatomical quandary is sad, but no doubt if he had been asked to identify the little projectile specific to men, aka, dick, he would’ve gotten it. Unless he confused it with dick head, in which case he’d probably point to his own, generall located betwen his shoulders.

  31. he obviously has the self control to practice the abstinence he preaches- he may be a moron, but he evidently practices what he preaches.
    Far too stupid to be in charge, but he evidently really believes he is doing the right thing. poor deluded soul.

  32. Sadly, most of the comments are remarking on the stupidity of Gov. Perry. Yes, he is ‘thick as a brick’ BUT, he was sly enough to shut down all the medical assistance facilities EXCEPT for those owned/managed by his sister. Weird but true… FOLLOW THE MONEY and you will usually see the reason ‘why’ these wack jobs are pushing those odd agendas.

  33. This is just stupid. Liberals throw around the term vagina to refer to anything from the mons pubis to the uterus when it comes to abortion legislation but when the politician against your ideology does the same thing you act like he’s retarded. Vagina has become synonymous with vulva and you all know it. How about instead of word mincing condescension you actually come up with something intelligent to prove your righteousness.

  34. Gosh Wendy,I guess you prefer politicians such as Bob Filner, Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, and Mark Sanford. They all see to be able to locate a vagina.

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  37. The real issue here is not how stupid Perry is, we all know that. This is an issue about abortion and I don’t think politics should be involved, period. This should always be a woman’s right to decide. If I were to become pregnant, do I want the government deciding whether or not I keep this baby. It’s my body, my right! Would I go to an abortion clinic, never but women will always find a way to abort an unwanted fetus, on way or the other.Like so many other issues, government should butt out.

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  39. From the article:
    “‘female’ doll used in medical training that was laying on an examining table in the room.”

    It’s not “laying,” it’s LYING. Lie means to recline, lay means to place. Before you make fun of the poorly educated governor, look at your own writing.

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  41. I am not from Texas however I will say Texas has some of the best singer songwriters .Guy Clark,Townes Van Zandt & Steve Earle to name a few.Do not agree with their politicians but I love the music!

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