Harper Says He Twerks Occasionally — Thinks It Means Tweeting


TORONTO — Prime Minister Stephen Harper had a group of community leaders wondering if they’d heard right today when he told them that he enjoys “twerking” but only does it with close friends and “every now and then with President Obama.”

Speaking to a group of 400 Ontario non-profit group volunteers, Harper was making a point about the importance of using social media when he said that he “has a lot of fun twerking” but doesn’t “get to do it as often” as he would like.

“Speeches like this have their place for sure,” Harper told the luncheon crowd. “But a quick twerk is a great way to express what I’m thinking.”

The luncheon crowd went silent as Harper carried on by saying, “What? Don’t I look like I twerk?”

As a media aide hurriedly approached the stage, Harper added that as Prime Minister he “would like to twerk with every Canadian but that of course is impossible.”

The PMO issued a release immediately following the event saying, “Prime Minister Harper knows how important social media is to Canadians and enjoys tweeting. He has never and will never twerk. We regret any confusion that may have been created by a slip of the tongue today.”

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was unavailable but a senior Liberal staff member was quoted on CTV saying, “Ewwwww. Won’t be able to delete that mental image any time soon.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney responded to a CBC reporter’s question about Harper twerking for Obama by asking if it was a joke and then saying simply, “The President of the United States does not twerk.”

Twerking is a relatively new dancing phenomenon referred to by earlier generations as “dry humping to music.”

Dan LaRue
Reportering for The Lapine


Harper Says He Twerks Occasionally — Thinks It Means Tweeting — 61 Comments

      • The article is wrong. The first time I heard of twerking was in 1999 and then i was almost 20 years late. And after that it was everywhere in black music and in the media.

        • Yes…yes. But there’s no doubt it’s a phenomenon this year. It’s been around, definitely. But 2013 seems like it’s the year of the twerk.

    • For sure twerking can be traced back in African and African American culture (Mapouka in West Africa and New Orleans Bounce Music), but it was seen as a “cultural expression of joy, with its function being primarily celebratory rather than for sexual provocation” (Christina Mbakew – xojane.com). A less known earlier twerk was done by China’s Mao Zedong in 1945 when his communist troops drove Chiang Kai-shek to flee to Taiwan. Mao did a victory twerk. (http://thelapine.ca/about-2/)

  1. Ray Novak: Steve Harper’s Closet Confidant

    He used to live above Steve Harper’s garage. Now he may be the second most powerful man in Ottawa.

    “Ray is effectively the Prime Minister’s closest confidant,” enthuses one government official. “Not only as a member of his staff, but as a personal and intimate member of the Prime Minister’s life.”



  2. He was trying to say TWORK. Tweet + Work (to tweet as part of ones job). The PM believes in keeping a dialogue open with Canadians using all available resources – these include social media. Unfortunately most people have their minds in the gutter or are too dim witted to realize the PM was making a little joke. Great Men like Shakespeare also invented new language.

    • Ha, you lend far too much credit to Mr. Harper. He doesn’t have a sense of humor, everyone knows that. It’s the reason he’s so caught up in screwing everyone in this country while giving his buddies a nice big cut of our tax money. Harper was a spoiled brat in his youth, and he is a bully now. Nothing funny about this guy. Furthermore I find it revealing of your intellect that you liken him to such brilliant and human minds as Shakespeare (It’s almost like saying Miley Cyrus did for music what Laura Secord did for Canada). By the way, if you make a joke and no one gets it… it’s not funny.

      • And as someone who knows Shakespeare well enough to call him a great mind, you do of course know that he was also ridiculed and reviled during his lifetime.

    • You give the PM far too much credit. Besides, the release they issued to clarify matters directly following the event would indicate that he had no idea what he was talking about.

  3. This article isn’t really about the origins of the dance, folks…it’s about our idiot prime minister putting his foot in his mouth, what a twerp!

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  5. I think that the fact that Harper does not know what tweeting is, is a good thing. It shows he’s too busy running a prosperous nation to be acting like a foolish child on social media. Looks like those critical of Harper a) need to grow up and get a life; and b) have waaaaaay too much time on their hands.

    • Hmm. This is awkward.

      1. This is a satire news site
      2. Harper is on Twitter. He tweets about pandas a lot. Sounds to me like he’s not that busy.

  6. This guy is intelligent. I know his sense of humor. He knew exactly what he was saying but the crowd didn’t get it. They thought he was serious he was playing them.

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  11. Come on people! OMG everyone is allowed imperfections. This was super hilarious. Neither Harper, the Queen, a street person, you nor any other person on this planet is perfect! Give it a break with facts and judgments… just friggin ‘laugh’. Watch your mistakes this week. You will all make some!

    • I totally agree, it seems to me that too many people have too much time on their hands which leaves them with nothing better to do than pick apart someone else! For me, I think it speaks volumes of the high moral character of our beloved Prime Minister Harper, that he appeared to not know the real act he was misspeaking about. I applaud him for trying to move forward and be a part of our evolving communication processes including the use of social media. Many of us of his generation and older are guilty of making silly goof ups that are usually hilarious to our friends and family and then to us as our mistakes are pointed out to us. And there are plenty made by younger ones as we now move forward with creating new words to be added to the dictionary. There are so many excellent descriptive words to choose from that I admit I feel ashamed, disenchanted and yes disgusted with the choices that so many lower theirselves to, displaying that they have no more of an intellect of an ant or the understanding of a clod of clay from a primordial swamp.

  12. Stephen Harper and he Cons have been `twerking` Canada for 7 years now. His speeches are orchestrated and never spontaneous so I doubt that this was an error in judgement. This is not news and definitely not funny. That is, if he was referring to twerking metaphorically; if he was referring to it as an overt faux sex act and he admits to enjoying this among his peers, his wife (for one) should be among the most offended but the fact that people in power engage in deviant sexual behavior is also not news nor newsworthy.

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    • It is newsworthy because this is the sort of gaff that Harper would use in an attack ad, if the shoe was on the other foot, to discredit a political adversary like Justin Trudeau whom he is fond of describing as being out of touch and too inexperienced to run a country. Trudeau has more class and is more with it and capable of being Prime Minister than Harper will ever be. Harper’s behaviour is an embarrassment! He suffers from too great a sense of his self importance. This gaff looks good on him! It is almost as good as when he was leader of the Reform Party and was campaigning in Stratford…he had a photo op at a local toy store, purchased some toys for his children, tried paying for them with an expired credit card, and had to be rescued by one of his staffers. Some things never change!

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  19. I can’t tell if the comments are made by dimwits who stumbled in here, or dedicated satirist fans who like to pretend to be dimwits and are really good at it.

  20. Typically I would not examine report with blogs and forums, however would wish to express that the following write-up very pressured me for you to do so! Ones writing style has become astonished myself. Thank you so much, really excellent post.

  21. I’m not sure what’s funnier, the article or the comments…You people do realize this is satire right?!
    The links to tar sand facials, and NSA offering proof-reading at the top didn’t tip you off?

  22. Satire: a reflection on our current PM…not to be confused with BM. The horrible thing is I could see him saying this. The man is out in left field.

  23. Twerking is not new; it’s new to white people, hence the name.but black women have
    done it for years but nobody seemed to care…

  24. I can’t believe the number of people who take the time to comment on this article and argue with each other believing this was a real news story, but don’t take the time to scroll to the bottom of the page and see the tagline “Rabbits eat Onions.” This is a satire news site, folks.

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