Nude Pics Of Toronto Mayor Go Viral On Internet


TORONTO -Nude photos of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford barbecuing in his back yard have exploded onto the internet.

The photos appear to have been taken over the fence of the Mayor’s back yard, the same location where he recently confronted Toronto Star reporter Danial Dale while the journalist researched an adjacent vacant lot that Ford is attempting to buy from the City.  Ford called 911 at the time of that confrontation but following a police investigation no charges were laid.

Weakerleaks reports that seven “fully disrobed” shots of the Mayor were posted as he grilled steaks, hot dogs and corn on the cob, stretched out on a lawn chair, and played lawn darts (a game banned in most Canadian cities including Toronto).  Weakerleaks also reports that the shots were taken from a slight elevation from the rear of Ford’s property with what appears to be a wide-angle lens.

“The Toronto Star had absolutely nothing to do with these photographs and will not be publishing them, fig leaf or not,” said Toronto Star publisher, John Cruickshank.  The fig leaf reference is related to fake nude photos of the Mayor published by NOW Magazine, a free Toronto area weekly, with a fig leaf placed over the Mayor’s groin area.  NOW Magazine refused to apologize after all copies of the publication were removed by City officials from all City locations.

Ford has had rocky relations with the media since being elected Mayor in 2010.  He no longer releases his meeting schedules and refuses to answer reporters’ questions in media scrums.  A divisive battle has arisen between newspapers The Toronto Star, that largely opposes the Mayor, and The Toronto Sun, which largely supports the Mayor.

The Mayor’s office refused comment but Doug Ford, the Mayor’s brother and City Councillor, told The Sun, “What Rob does in his own time has nothing to do with how great a Mayor he is.  This is outrageous and we’re going to build a taller fence.”

At the same time as the photos of the unclad Rob Ford went viral, nude photos of former federal Liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff, surfaced on several sites with 3 hits to those sites at reporting time.

The Mayor and his brother have been promoting a weight loss challenge to Torontonians that has seen the Mayor’s starting weight of 330 pounds yo-yo down to 300 pounds and back up to the higher weight of 332 pounds at a recent weigh-in.  The “Cut The Waist Challenge” wraps up in June by which time the Mayor has pledged to lose 50 pounds.  The Star recently published a photo of Ford leaving a KFC with a bucket of original recipe chicken.

Ford supporter and Hockey Night in Canada star Don Cherry, famous for referring to Ford critics as “left-wing pinkos”, made a brief statement saying “Rob’s a good Canadian boy and these communists with their cameras built into their phones should leave him alone.”

Fellow Hockey Night in Canada sports commentator, Ron MacLean, is quoted as saying, “Eeeeeew.”

Steve Boyd

Reporting For The Lapine


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