Obama Calls Harper a “Large Lump”

Conservative leader and Canada's Prime Minister Harper pauses while speaking during a campaign stop at an automobile parts factory in Brampton

WASHINGTON – Diplomatic tensions rose today after a Fox News camera caught President Barack Obama talking to one of his press aides and making some very undiplomatic comments about Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper after the two met briefly at a Washington international benefit event.

As Obama and Media Relations Director Clive Leonard walked away from reporters, the Fox newsfeed clearly picked up the conversation.

LEONARD: “The Prime Minister is requesting a 15-minute meeting Mr. President.”
OBAMA: “What’s with that guy?”
LEONARD: “Sir?” (coughs)
OBAMA: “He’s shifty…he’s never standing where his voice seems to be coming from.”
LEONARD: “Ummm…”
OBAMA: “And he’s a large lump isn’t he? All pudge and hair.”

The comments were aired after a one-second tape delay before Fox News began repeating them in their entirety with added commentary. White House officials immediately asked Fox to stop airing the embarrassing comments but the network’s leading political commentator Bill O’Reilly responded to the request live on air with “Yeah right!”

Other news outlets quickly began running the footage with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (not his real name) stating that the President’s harsh words were “school-yard” and could damage relations between the two countries at a time when cross-border issues such as the Keystone Pipeline are already causing friction. However, Wolf could be seen snickering when Obama was shown saying Harper is all pudge and hair.

“The President chose not to talk about the state of the American economy today. Instead, the President chose to talk about the considerable belly and hokey hair of our close Canadian friend,” said John Boehner, Republican Speaker of the House. “True Americans do not call our friends lumps.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper officials were unavailable for comment.

The White House issued a statement indicating that they do not comment on “eaves-dropped and out of context” conversations but one senior Democrat called the President’s comments “tame compared to when President H. Double Ya Bush was taped saying German Chancellor Angela Merkel had big knockwursts.”

Vic Issitude
Reporting for The Lapine


Obama Calls Harper a “Large Lump” — 17 Comments

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    • yea even both of them the two brains put together still don’t work like one Cause two of them are different colored so they don’t think alike one has black world and one has whites world and none of the half and half, would respect it’s world to save what is left to save then to end this beautiful country our ppl found and had their feeding grounds then to destroy it ,.. think twice blk n wht,..

  2. Sad to say but I’m not upset with this comment as a Canadian…he only said out load what most of us are thinking! ….. Good to know this view is shared.

  3. I totally agree with obama!! I am First Nations Canadian and think our PM is a pudge with hair among others words! Harper is a joke!! Not offended at all :) and Yes Obama he is shifty!! Thumbs up to your eavesdropped comment :)

  4. Quite aside from his own particular odiousness, US Presidents have never shown anything but private contempt for Canadian prime ministers. They are underlings and lesser mortals of a servile northern satellite. As for O blah blah or Harpo – a plague upon both and the settler states they lead.

  5. I don’t see what’s wrong with this accurate comment about my Prime Minister. Very few people in Canada like him either. I wish our voting system actually allowed me to cast my vote against him but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way in Canada. We don’t get to see that pudgy lumps name anywhere on our ballots.

  6. What is there to say? He’s 100% correct. I’ve used much harsher words. He’s basically a blubbery cyborg.

    Canadian Girl

  7. Mr. Prime Minister has billions of more brains under his hair than all you brainless morons put together, all of you that hate him so very much. Get over it. LOL

  8. As long as he didn’t say anything bad about Canada I have to agree . I got a lot better words to describe him but, these’ll do for now. Veterans,retired , disabled on and on we all think prety much the same

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