Obama Calls Harper a “Large Lump”

Conservative leader and Canada's Prime Minister Harper pauses while speaking during a campaign stop at an automobile parts factory in Brampton

WASHINGTON – Diplomatic tensions rose today after a Fox News camera caught President Barack Obama talking to one of his press aides and making some very undiplomatic comments about Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper after the two met briefly at a Washington international benefit event.

As Obama and Media Relations Director Clive Leonard walked away from reporters, the Fox newsfeed clearly picked up the conversation.

LEONARD: “The Prime Minister is requesting a 15-minute meeting Mr. President.”
OBAMA: “What’s with that guy?”
LEONARD: “Sir?” (coughs)
OBAMA: “He’s shifty…he’s never standing where his voice seems to be coming from.”
LEONARD: “Ummm…”
OBAMA: “And he’s a large lump isn’t he? All pudge and hair.”

The comments were aired after a one-second tape delay before Fox News began repeating them in their entirety with added commentary. White House officials immediately asked Fox to stop airing the embarrassing comments but the network’s leading political commentator Bill O’Reilly responded to the request live on air with “Yeah right!”

Other news outlets quickly began running the footage with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (not his real name) stating that the President’s harsh words were “school-yard” and could damage relations between the two countries at a time when cross-border issues such as the Keystone Pipeline are already causing friction. However, Wolf could be seen snickering when Obama was shown saying Harper is all pudge and hair.

“The President chose not to talk about the state of the American economy today. Instead, the President chose to talk about the considerable belly and hokey hair of our close Canadian friend,” said John Boehner, Republican Speaker of the House. “True Americans do not call our friends lumps.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper officials were unavailable for comment.

The White House issued a statement indicating that they do not comment on “eaves-dropped and out of context” conversations but one senior Democrat called the President’s comments “tame compared to when President H. Double Ya Bush was taped saying German Chancellor Angela Merkel had big knockwursts.”

Vic Issitude
Reporting for The Lapine


Obama Calls Harper a “Large Lump” — 112 Comments

    • I have friends that are tight within the Conservative party, and what Harper has said about Obama in private would knock your and Obama socks off. Obama knows he has made Harper mad on several occasions. Obama has explained to Harper numerous times, that he knows some of his policies don’t make any sense, but it is all about politics all the time…you got go t keep the base happy, even if they are deluded. Send Obama back to go visit those 57 states.

    • Well the comment made by Mr. Obama is tame to what we Canadians call him. He is arrogant and in a short time has undone some hundred and fifty years of policy building for the Protection of our great Nations natural resources.in one example last year on December 4th we had one million eight hundred and eight some thousand protect rivers and lakes in our great country, Protected by all Prime minister’s prior to him and on the fifth of December we had a mere eighty thousand protected lakes and rivers.Being the Only country to never have had a revolution over government policies or taxes, this Prime minister is one of the most hated people in our entire country to both Naturalists and science who all have advised against the fracking of our lands for profit and to feed the systems of the US while not holding a reserve for our own country. So say what you want it is tame for us to what we call him.

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    • yea even both of them the two brains put together still don’t work like one Cause two of them are different colored so they don’t think alike one has black world and one has whites world and none of the half and half, would respect it’s world to save what is left to save then to end this beautiful country our ppl found and had their feeding grounds then to destroy it ,.. think twice blk n wht,..

    • Well, President Obama, you are correct sir. He is one shifty mofo, and no friend to the people he is supposed to represent, no friend to Canada’s First Nations, no friend to the environment here, and generally a no-good kind of fella in general. Most Canadians, like myself, would rather he retire, perhaps to one of those lovely tarsands he seems so fond of and quite doing damage that will take generations to repair- if it ever can be.

      • I couldn’t agree more, ‘Mo – and for that matter with Obama. Harper is a lump who does not seem to care for Canada.

          • FPTP. First Past The Post. Harper has been a ‘majority government’ PM even though more than 60% of the people voted for someone else. Scientists have proven that FPTP was invented by someone who hated democracy because he/she fully expected that we would return to feudalism under this system. He/she was absolutely right.

      • like, like, like and concur from BC. That man only represents himself and his secret investors. He’s as shifty as the day is long!

      • Couldn’t agree more!!! Can’t wait to vote against that scumbag Harper. Not only is he ignoring science he is sytematically dismantling the ability to even conduct good science here in Canada. Such a snake

    • I am so glad that Obama sees Harper thru a lot of Canadians’ eyes.Harper is disgusting,shifty,sneaky and unworthy of being our PM…………………………….

  2. Sad to say but I’m not upset with this comment as a Canadian…he only said out load what most of us are thinking! ….. Good to know this view is shared.

  3. I totally agree with obama!! I am First Nations Canadian and think our PM is a pudge with hair among others words! Harper is a joke!! Not offended at all :) and Yes Obama he is shifty!! Thumbs up to your eavesdropped comment :)

    • The way I see. It I am a Canadian. And I support my country. If any. One mocks our leader. Right or wrong. I think they are idiots. Our leader. Makes mistakes. As every other leader of a country as for the First Nations If you guys really looked. At the style nd take off your rose coloured glasses yu are Dam luck to be lving in this free world country you think it is. Bad go to Isreal. Or any country. That is. This world crises. And War

      • As a Canadian who did NOT vote for the current party in power, and do not trust it as far as I can throw it, Obama should have been aware of the news microphones at the time of this statement(eves drop). That said the Cons are going to pass FACTA which permits basically the US to influence and demand information on Canadians with “ties” to the US through the banks. In other words me being born in the states and living there for a whopping year as an infant means I now have to pay the US government taxes! They did not feed, nurse or educate me for the past 46 years and I am a Canadian citizen, but now I own Uncle Sam by the geography of my birth, and HARPER and his gang are going to let this happen! so as for my country right or wrong, NO if it is wrong I do not and WILL not support my so called “leader”.

  4. Quite aside from his own particular odiousness, US Presidents have never shown anything but private contempt for Canadian prime ministers. They are underlings and lesser mortals of a servile northern satellite. As for O blah blah or Harpo – a plague upon both and the settler states they lead.

  5. I don’t see what’s wrong with this accurate comment about my Prime Minister. Very few people in Canada like him either. I wish our voting system actually allowed me to cast my vote against him but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way in Canada. We don’t get to see that pudgy lumps name anywhere on our ballots.

  6. What is there to say? He’s 100% correct. I’ve used much harsher words. He’s basically a blubbery cyborg.

    Canadian Girl

  7. Mr. Prime Minister has billions of more brains under his hair than all you brainless morons put together, all of you that hate him so very much. Get over it. LOL

  8. As long as he didn’t say anything bad about Canada I have to agree . I got a lot better words to describe him but, these’ll do for now. Veterans,retired , disabled on and on we all think prety much the same

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  10. One more reason why we as Canadians love Mr Obama. Stephen Harper is the head of Canada’s version of the Republican party. And guess what? The infamous Koch Brothers control him with their evil tentacles as well. Did you know that they want to get rid of the minimum wage right across the board. Anyone who votes for these people get exactly what they deserve. Research it, it’s all true.

    • Speak for yourself you bozo lover. I wouldn’t give an ounce of piss for the worst president ever. Harper could kick his scrawny ass.

  11. Hussein Obama: Lowest rated President in 55 years at 38% approval insults Canadian Prime Minister for asking for 15 minute meeting. Every week this Community organizer says something stupid when not reading from his telepromter.

    • Your Prez might say stupid things at times, but that time he was so on target it must have come from the teleprompter.

  12. As A Canadian I have to say that this does not negatively effect the relationship between the U.S. and Canada because Canadians think far worse things about stevey Harper, like the fact that he is a complete racist(seriously look into his track record dealing with Aboriginal peoples in Canada, sexist (look into his parties recent track record with issues involving women), and generally a piss-poor politician (most of his policies actually go against Canadian constitution( the supreme court of Canada has overturned his last three attempts at creating laws), as well he has actually destroyed (as in burned, yeah seriously like old-school book burning style) large amounts of research on climate change that is damaging to his lovely tar sands project, also fires any scientist that speaks out against his policies, especially those involving the tar sands. Most Canadians don’t view his actions as being particularly representative of the general Canadian public, honestly, Obama could have said this in front of a microphone and 50,000 people and it would only improve relations between our countries.

    • lol Oh this is sooooo true. Obama could have called him every name in the book in front of our entire nation and still come out looking like a hero. He might be a douchy Prez but gets points for honesty

      • Gets points for honesty?
        Why is he allowing 10′s of million of “refugees ” into the country?
        Why are u.n vehicles being seen all over the states? Why is there no media coverage of the 100′s of towns protesting against this invasion?

  13. Like Harper or not this is no way for a government official to act especially an American president. Obama is lucky to be where he is he isn’t thought too much of in his country either. They are politicians after all – and who like politicians

  14. From BC, Canada- Obama’s right. Harper is one shifty guy. He does not represent any of my beliefs and I certainly never asked for what he dolls out when I voted for him. He’s been nothing but a threat to this country, and everything we hold dear,since the day he cinched majority in the house. At this point, I fear the news-paper for whatever I discover next, where it concerns Harper- his closed house dirty deals, oil agenda ridden cuts, forced privatization and massive omnibus bills- The man resents Democracy. 2015 can’t come fast enough for me and there’s nothing Harper can do or say at this point to rectify his betrayal of my trust. When I voted for Harper, I never asked for an Evangelical Libertarian Tea party wanna be. I asked for what he falsely represented himself to be- A Canadian Conservative- or what *used* to be the Canadian Conservative as I once knew them to be. Now? I don’t know what to call them. He is *so out*.

  15. Ah nothing like a 2nd term president to speak their mind.

    Too bad he’s not using his final kick at the can to do something about reigning in “Too big to fail/bail/jail” banks and the US federal reserve which are now moving from ruining the US economy to ruining the global economy.

    Oh well, “hope and change” for more of the same. Dem, Gop, Lib, Cons, they’re all different entrances to the same elitist club. But we only have ourselves to blame. We’re the ones that elect these puppets. If you want to see real change, throw your vote in for a wild card candidate. Shake the Good ‘ol boys trees a bit and make them realize that we the little people do actually matter.

  16. Mr. Harper the best PM we have ever had. Please God we never have to experience the country being lead by JT and if we ever do you lot better be prepared for Canada to be another 2nd class country like Obama has done to the USA. I have friends all over the US who can’t wait for Obama to be gone and they are both Reps., and Dems.

    • This. All of this hate for Harper because he does this or that that isn’t exactly reflecting what they think Canada is or is important. Sure, he does his fair share of shady s*** and plenty I don’t agree with; however, if any of you truly believe the grass is actually greener in this situation, you’ve passed ignorance. Canadians live in this naive little bubble. The world you live in is far better than the vast majority of the planet with the opportunity to do well regardless of the circumstances or class you were born into. Contrary to the popular stereotype, we are some of the most selfish and greedy people on the earth.. stop expecting perfection or you’ll only ever be disappointed. He may be bad but he’s the best option. As for Obamas comment, it’s pathetic and even more pathetic that people think it’s acceptable because they dislike their prime minister.

  17. Yes Obama. He is a large lump and as a Canadian I don’t care for him either. However one thing he is not is a murderer like you. When you consider how many innocent men, woman and children you’ve drone bombed,I’d rather be a large lump than a child killer.

  18. I think president Obama got it right he is one big lump.
    and pretty sneaky and underhanded hope this lump is gone next election.

  19. haha awesome. I agree with Obama. Harper has to go. He’s scary dictator like. . completely ruining our country. Obama did pretty good with what Bushy left him. . . anyway. Vote Trudeau!

  20. Obama’s comments don’t surprise me at all. He feels it is easier to shit on Harper than to face his own shortcomings as President of the U.S. The man is a total jerk and he should look in the mirror before he starts casting stones. For those who run down the tar sands you should realize the decisions made by Harper make this country stronger because of Alberta’s oil. If you are so much against the tar sands please feel free to contact your Premier and request your province refuse equalization payments from Alberta.

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  22. Are you people all trolling or do you not realize this is satire? Read the titles of the other articles.. this is a satire site. “Apple ‘Stupid Phones’ Outsell Smart Phones for First Time”

  23. Regardless of weather he is right or wrong, this just goes to show what kind of a person Obama is. This type of behavior on a world stage only goes to show how self centered he is and much little respect he has for Canadians. Just wait until he needs some support to kill innocent people again, then he’ll be praising Harper up! What a crock!!

  24. The White House may not want to comment on “eaves-dropped and out of context” conversations, but when comments caught on tape are President Obama’s insulting words, are “school-yard” and they could damage relations between the two countries at a time when there are cross-border issues, an apology is what the White House should be making.

  25. So called First Nation Chiefs have no fair criticism to offer! If P.M. Harper ran this country like some of your chiefs, only his family would see any benefits from anything Canadian. This refers to how you handle the billions forked over to natives (so called) by Canadian taxpayers, you know, the ones who actually work for their beer and smokes. Thank God or Manitou or? That you don’t run this country! By the way there’s a lot of pudge and hair on your side of things too. Get real. Nobody hunted your people down and then marched almost all of them to death enroute to internment camps. Your brothers from the U.S.A. Ran to Canada for asylum!

  26. You know what, Obama and America are about as in touch with reality and the world as Fraggle rock. Spying on your allies, lying and scheming to the American public, and blundering incessantly with this sort of BS, its any wonder anyone supports or respects the US. At least our leader isn’t a profound puppet for a supremely misguided US government establishment that fucks allies and Americans at the same time…

  27. Speaking as a Canadian in Ontario, I agree with Obama and have harsher things to say. Any American who calls Harper better than Obama is ignorant to the real Harper we see.

    • Mikedarling905, please don’t speak for Ontario. Harper is our Prime Minister and he still has an overwhelming amount of support from Canadians. This cannot be said of Obama and the American people.

      • Scott nd Harper can suck a fatty… Obama should run 4 prime minister lol he clearly sees how much of a douche Harper is

  28. I am a Canadian living on the West Coast of Canada and our Prime Minister is a Large Lump and I agree with everything Mr.Obama said. It’s all true. So all you staunch Republicans are getting your rocks off at what Obama telling the truth?

  29. Mr. President,
    I happy to say that the majority of Canadians would agree wholeheartedly with you. No need to be embarrassed. He really isn’t a lump though – more like a blob.

  30. i recently found out i was a native and applied for my statis,but they are giving me such a run around,the goverment in this country really sucks,and harper is the goverment,hes as crooked as a oak tree,all this stuff about aliens coming coming here to help up save our planet,they are here cause i see them all the time,they are the only ones who can save our asses but if the goverment didnt keep trying to shoot them down we probly would already be saved,fucking idiots

  31. The whole lot of you that have commented on this I have one question for you . how do you people remember to breathe Holly shit some of the dumbest comments I have ever been unfortunate enough to read especially the guy talking about aliens wtf? and as far as the states goes there nothing but a rouge country destin to become financially equal to Mexico

  32. This from a Canadian,

    While Obama is a REAL statesman, The Crime Minister Adolf Harper is just a wannabe. I couldn’t agree more with your President’s comments. Many many Canadians agree as well.

  33. Harper is a cancer on Canada, not a just a lump with hair. He sold us out, privatized our country and seems to think that running us like the states is going to help. Wake up and smell the coffee, he’s only in it for his own best interests.

  34. Don’t worry Obama! We all feel the same way here in Canada with that large lump running our two fantastic countries into a deep abyss.

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  36. Well to be honest, Obama called it right. Harper is a Zero that has sold Canada off to the highest bidder and in this case China. Harper had no right selling off Canada’s natural resources to the Chinese or anyone else because they are not his to give away!

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