Ohio Wife Torches Husband’s Truck After Getting Crock Pot and Cheap Lingerie for Xmas


DAYTON — Police arrested 34-year old Tracy Waters yesterday morning after she allegedly set fire to her husband Dave’s 2013 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab in a rage over her Christmas gifts.

“He gave me a slow-cooker and these red nylon crotchless panties with a push-up bra,” Mrs. Waters told police.

“The bra had tassels for fuck sake. Tassels.”

Police have charged Mrs. Waters with arson, assault with a weapon (“a 4-gallon ceramic crock pot with corn-on-the-cob pattern”) and using foul language in public.

Mr. Waters told the Dayton Daily News that he was excited about his gifts for his wife and doesn’t understand why she became angry and turned violent.

“Good food, good lovin’, and a good truck were all I wanted for Christmas,” said the 37-year-old warehouse worker sporting a swollen-shut right eye.

“Now the truck’s gone, the wife’s gone, and she even broke the crock pot.”

Police and fire responded to a duplex in the city’s southeast after neighbors called emergency saying there was a vehicle on fire and a woman was observed throwing armfuls of what appeared to be men’s clothing onto the flames.

Sarah Palin told FOX News that this is another example of the attack of Christmas.


William Yum
Reportering for The Lapine


Ohio Wife Torches Husband’s Truck After Getting Crock Pot and Cheap Lingerie for Xmas — 189 Comments

  1. Sounds like a bad country song! LOL Don’t blame her one bit. Sarah Palin should shut her trap, we don’t care about her opinion! Go away Palin, your 5 minutes of fame is over you hag!

      • Baha. Extreme, but looks like he has HIM in mind, not her? She probably had enough )) These kind of men, who take angels for granted, learn life and you’llI’ve been unable to get appt. At Apple store – can’t get to reservation part. I don’t know what’s going on. They don’t take walk-ins. be rich inside…keep letting it happen by accident, only suffering, for everyone.. Look at who’s in office!! Biggest tragedy we have…Peace

          • Hey I am very liberal and I LOVE Palin and also Putin. If we had “leaders” like this perhaps would not become the commie country we are becoming.

          • Hey moron….Please tell us when Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house…and provide citation. Saturday Night Live does not count. Fucking idiot.

          • Oh bloody hell, another low information type…

            She never said that, it was Tina Fey who made that phrase famous.

            You’re an idiot.

          • you must be a real stupid f***, to make that statement. i cant believe how many of you dumbass liberals actually think that was palin on SNL. that was tina fey.palin never made the statement.go drink ur kookaid

          • You do not know anything about Russia and Alaska do you? You can see Russia across the Bering Sea from Alaska. Before you make a joke about someone you really should be smarter than the average person. Or at least smarter than the person you are making fun of. DUH.

      • Palin is an idiot…she resigned as Gov half through her term and her daughter had a kid out of wedlock…yep real good family values there!!! AND Palin herself has LOTS of experience…..on what we have no idea!!! Yeah, SHE makes a perfect political candidate anyday…..BTW for those who hold Clint Eastwood as a good family guy, ask Sandra Locke how many times he made her get an abortion while they were shacked up (3!!)…Most Republicans are hypocrites…(but then thats typical of most politicians period!)…

    • You people have truly drunk the Liberal media Kool-Aide. This entire article is bogus!!! I live in Dayton. None of the local stations or print are carrying any story even similar to this. This is just another example of how the Sheeple are controlled by media. My guess is, everything you know about Sarah Palin you learned on SNL or from MSNBC. Spend some time, get some facts and stop letting any media control your opinions.

    • Hell lady I didn’t get nothing for Christmas hell I’d love to have the tossels and crock pot what a ungrateful bitch!!! Divorce her ass

    • Don’t blame her? A selfish, demented woman throws a felonious rage because she didn’t get what she wanted from her ’til death do us part’? You have to at least as ignorant and damaged to feel that way. Grow up or seek counseling.

    • So the husband became cheap towards his wife, buys her a simple crock pot to cook him food so he can eat, and sex clothes so he can have his way with her. And then he’s thinking he has it good with his truck. Thats all she means to him I guess. I betcha he has her massaging and bathing him to and promised her things , or had her going thinking the he was going to buy her something really good, and her hopes were probably up really high to. Cheap son of a bitch.

      • Lets see I got my 30K truck; should I spend some money on wife’s gift or buy me those new tires for my truck? Yeah my truck really needs the tires. What could she do, burn my truck.

        • I’ll tell you one thing a hell of a LOT of wives are going to be receiving a hell of a LOT of NICE presents; for at least a year or so. Especially from husbands with new trucks.

    • Well Sarah would have probably only shot out ONE of the truck tires. Now there is a woman with some sense. The man would get the point and still have his truck. Next year some NICE presents.

    • I like Palin and Im sure she would put non the cloths after she made her husband something in the crok pot… a REAL woman

    • Seriously? You really think Sarah Palin commented on this? You need to get over Sarah Palin. This isn’t even a real news website. It’s satire, like The Onion. If you fell for this, I’m not sure why you feel so superior to Sarah Palin.

  2. I know it’s supposed to be the thought that counts, but I don’t think he was thinking about her- he was thinking about his own needs/wants. I think unless I had asked for those things, I would have been pretty bent out of shape too (crockpot, tassle titties and crotchless panties??? I don’t think she’s a stripper and even if she was, I think she might have liked a more thoughtful gift.)though not enough to light a truck on fire and land myself in jail. I think I would have exacted my revenge more carefully. This article made me laugh although I don’t guess the husband or wife is very amused.

  3. I don’t believe Sarah commented on a story concerning Ohio Hillbillies… Please provide a link to the Fox story you Liberal piece of shit!!!

      • Try to find a link to ANY local news source. I’d ask for a National news source but those do not exist. Anything classified as a “National News” source is pure propaganda that would make George Orwell look simple minded.

  4. And the fact nobody says shit about the article, and only talk shit about Sarah Palin only proves she is still a voice people listen to. I didn’t say agree with, I said listen to. As far as the story is concerned, I won’t say the dude had it coming but, dude the next time you are going to buy someone you “love” a gift, I suggest a pre-paid visa card

    • I agree !! I haven’t read any comments ABOUT the article …just fussing and bickering over sarah Palin…omg.. get off that subject ppl and speak your opinions ABOUT THE ARTICLE!! LOL I cant stop laughing… that dude was thinking of himself ONLY Id been pissed off too but I sure wouldn’t get into such a fit of a rage as to burning his 2013 Chev Silveraldo crew cab!! And did anyone read what HE said in his defense about “ALL I WANTED” not what SHE wanted so yes he was thinking of himself..too bad he none of the avove lol…

      • True or not, this is hysterical and could absolutely happen! The guy is a selfish pig perv and deserved it. Sounds like something my ex David Eugene Tew of Akron, OH did

  5. Can’t believe the guy is 37! Sounds more like something a 17 Yr old would say! He gets a truck and she gets the rest of his wish list? WTF! Not worth jail time but sounds like she has been pushed for a long time and this put her over the edge. Hope she gets an understanding judge!

  6. It would be in everyone’s interest to click the About section at the top. This is a satirical news site. I’ll let you find the definition of satirical.

  7. I had a bad Christmas this year, too. My husband bought be 8 chargers for different electronics this year because he was tired of me borrowing his. He was thinking about convenience for him…not for me! I totally understand how she feels…However…I didn’t torch his SUV.

      • I can’t believe some of the simple minded responses to a FAKE NEWS STORY. This is probably the same crowd that goes to Jon Stewart for their dose of nightly news thinking it is fully legit too.

        Good Lord….

  8. sat·ire
    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
    synonyms: mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn, caricature;

  9. All men are interested is good food and sex. They were never taught how to treat ladies with respect. Clearly she got down at his level and torched his beloved truck. I think she had enough of his selfish needs. Her needs were not being met.

  10. Should of done what I do buy my own because my hubby is rubbish at picking Christmas presents he brought his mum a electric shock machine for Christmas one year need I say anymore

  11. you all greedy bitches! some men work hard for money and dont get paid well! it not about gifts! it about life, love, family! so get off your fat ass and get a job and buy the shit you want!!!

    • Most of us do anyway because this economy sucks. It’s all about yourselves when you get things for your partner that only provide convenience for YOU. If it is too much to ask to get something like a necklace or something that shows some thought for your partner, or taking her out to dinner instead of getting her something like that, then you don’t deserve her. That is reality.

  12. All of you who even had an inkling that this was a legitimate article, please post your addresses in the comments so that the proper authorities can come to your homes and beat you to death with your own children.

  13. Facepalm…..that’s all I got for most of the comments. And maybe a bruise from the head banging against the wall.
    Humanity as we know it is doomed.

  14. And you actually can’t be charged with destroying your own property… Since they are married the truck is half hers lmao
    This most likely isn’t true but funny if it is

  15. C’mon people, its a joke! The whole thing is a joke! Sarah Palin never commented on it. Even if it were true, everyone knows that Sarah can’t read.

  16. I am appalled that you guys have nothing better to do than sit and sling insults. The purpose of satire is to make you think and see the absurdity in the world, but instead everyone has their head shoved up their unmentionables and are tearing at each other. This country used to stand together and now look at us. We are ripe for the picking for any country to just come in and take over, because we will be too busy fighting about the small details than defending what we claim to love. The article was funny, and sadly I can totally see a situation like this happening and I can see Sarah Palin responding like that. I am a highly educated person, btw before bs gets slung my way, and I have no political affiliation. I respond to facts and spend much time researching things. As a psychologist I must say, many of you should check your narcissism and egocentrism at the door, and I do mean on both sides!!!!

  17. Woo Hoo … This is great. I’m gonna send this to my sister. She got a hands free soap dispenser, tooth brush holder and a hoodie sweatshirt from her significant boyfriend of 10 years. She wanted the soap dispenser and tooth brush holder because they were $$$, but not the sweatshirt! Glad I’m single …

  18. sarah palin needs to shut the fuck up and grow a brain. her comments make no sense. this bitch in ohio doesn’t appreciate anything obviously. did she even get her husband anything?? can you say high maintenance

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  20. There is enough crazy shit in the news already that actually is TRUE. With kids, job, commitments, etc etc…. I’m busy as hell trying to keep up with the real news, not this fake baloney. People that read and write this have way too much damn time on their hands.

  21. Damn..was telling her to friggen cook something every now and then..while your at it take off them granny panties and wear something nice for a change. lol

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  24. Sarah Palin go screw yourself. You are not in a place to make comments about anything after the idiot you made of yourself running for vice president. You set women’s lib back 50 yrs by letting the Republican party use you like the pimps they are.

  25. well my hubby was Very good to me this year… I got a laptop new wireless printer…designer purse , a Nikon nice expensive camera…and AN ONION CHOPPER!! Which I LOVE my new chopper..HATE chopping up unions …

  26. Leave Sarah Palin alone! Why does everyone have to assume that because she’s mentioned the story is satire??? You say her opinion doesn’t matter or it’s not really her opinion! Why can’t you just let her be free of Alaska and the past it has thrust upon her? She will be Empress one day and you will be lucky to have gruel to eat for your hard labor with the rest of the detractors building that bridge on her triumphant return! And if you get gruel you should have to suck it through a curly straw, you nasty beauty-hating morons!

  27. Do you idiots not realize The Lapine is the Canadian version of The Onion?
    why do you readers feel the need to judge, mock and ridicule people?
    This is humor and satire….NOT a documentary.

  28. Hmm. Cooking in the Crock Pot wearing the Cheap Lingerie! Would make an interesting night! :} Gotta Have Humor! Never known…the real “Gift” might have been given later. (Re: Jewelry-Trip-Etc) At least gave him time…then…. :}

  29. So the husband became cheap towards his wife, buys her a simple crock pot to cook him food so he can eat, and sex clothes so he can have his way with her. And then he’s thinking he has it good with his truck. Thats all she means to him I guess. I betcha he has her massaging and bathing him to and promised her things , or had her going thinking the he was going to buy her something really good, and her hopes were probably up really high to. Cheap son of a bitch.

  30. Man, talk about a told screwed up Christmas.. Why wasn’t she happy with the Crock Pot, and the Lingerie wow I would of been thrilled. What an Idiot of a wife. Talk about a Selfish brat.

  31. SATIRE
    [sat-ahyuhr] Show IPA
    the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
    a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
    a literary genre comprising such compositions.
    Jesus Christ, people will believe anything and get completely stupid about it! Oops, now people are gonna lose their minds cuz I used Jesus Christ in this post. Oh well, might as well go for the trifecta…Ron Paul had absolutely no comment on this story.

  32. Actually she can be held responsible. It was a 2013 chevy silverado. Odds are they are still making payments which means the bank owns it(Lien Holder) and if this story was true they’d have thrown vandalism in there too. Who knows? Might have been easier to just return the items and get what she wanted. Or she could of got him real good and drunk dressed him up in the tasteless lingerie and seduced him out to the truck and waited for him to pass out and called the cops– cross dressing drunk passed out in my drive way come get him by the way he can take the crock pot with him too! Satire of course!

  33. Hmm.. would of been more entertaining if they had included rope, cowgirl boots and possibly duct tape or maybe a set of hand cuffs. Just don’t see anyone that needs a 4 gallon crock pot/ slow cooker for a meal sitting by and just letting this happen, let alone being able to fit behind the wheel of a Silverado? Yikes., Talk about a racial profile.. where’s the trailer house and deep fat fryer?

  34. This article, and most of the people’s comments below it…. is exactly the reason America is the way it is today!

    It’s a bogus article for entertainment value only. Yet, you brilliant folks get your knickers in a ball somewhere near your taint and then argue with each other over something that is meant for laughs.

    I’m moving to where the IQ’s are higher than somewhere in the retard zone.

  35. it doesn’t matter that it’s a satire, Palin’s thoughts on what is killing Christmas is already absurd enough for her to be ridiculed,

    also, it’s healthy that one is ridiculed, because that would create a hate fire inside that person and they would be inspired by that hate to find the truth in the matter over whatever it was they were ridiculed for, if they are evil they will use the hate fire inside of them to hurt those that ridiculed them, if they are good they will either die by trying to put out their own hate fire or use that educate the people who ridiculed them

  36. I got nothing for Cristmas, but a beautiful Photo .Iwas so happy that all my Family,was welwell,my Husband was with me,,and I new that he Loved me and cared. There a many who have nothing .Very ungrateful

  37. Why is everything turned into a race issue? Slavery, we get it already! Get over it! Whites are the minority now so should they run around saying crap about how white people are mistreated so whites should get everything handed to them instead of working for it? Think about it morons! Read the story for the story and nothing more!

  38. some women reserve the right to go postal when certain things dont go their way..I was married to a woman who did go postal on me twice but it was due to my stupidity..this guy should have been more observant in the weeks prior to christmas.. and listened to his wife as she talked with other friends and family.. he would have learned what her desires were and maybe he could have figured it out(and at least saved the truck)my current girlfriend..(wife died 5 years ago) works with children every day.. and comes home exhausted.. for christmas I got her some warm clothes and hidden in the same bag was a expensive gift certificate to a day spa where she gets to go and get waited on hand and foot..be a queen for a day..massage and hydrotherapy in a jetted tub..she absolutely loved that I thought about her and got this..and we arent even married yet..

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  40. …um someone sent me this link for a free crockpot …is this not the contest page? My kids are hungry and stove is broke any advice?

  41. OK. I admit that maybe, just MAYBE, the husband was a bit TOO forward in his intentions when he gave his wife those particular Christmas gifts. And she apparently took exception to the gifts and, more than likely, his less than altruistic intentions. I understand that. I GET it.

    But, dammit, isn’t that what “Gift Exchange” is for?

    • Glad to see not everybody made this about a satirical remark about Sarah Palin. The point is the wife was fed up with this srlfish prick who only thinks with his gut and gonads.

  42. Who cares about Sarah Palin. Let’s get to what’s important here. Her crock pot had a corn on the cob pattern on it for f*ck sakes!!!

  43. Oh I love Sarah Palin. I’m IN LOVE with her and will vote for President ASAP. Sarah would not sell out America and would not do anything to hurt American or the children that live here. And that would even be good for morons too. Count your blessings idiots and give my (and your) Palin and big symbolic Kiss on her beautiful face. You could always say that it is from yours truly (me). Smaaaaaaaaak.

  44. Thinking about running national news article about how hard working Nurse doesn’t receive Christmas card or gift from either of her 2 daughters ages 25 n 14…sucks..not gonna get violent about it.

  45. There’s always 2 sides to every story – we don’t know the complete history of this marriage – the gifts were a little tacky…

  46. OMFG…all of you so-called “intellectuals” should shut your mouths…most of you can’t spell, much less, use the English language or proper punctuation properly…who the fuck cares about Palin, SNL, or your uneducated, unsolicited opinions anyway? Grow the fuck up, get out of your trailer houses and work towards something greater than your Wal-Mart jobs…

  47. Wow. The fact that allll you right and left wing morons thought this was real. Just shows how you allll drink the koollaid and ignore the reality. Arguing over dallllse statements and bullllshit news is all you know how to do

    • I could not agree more haha. They are too distracted by the media’s puppets with Miley Cyrus who looks like a fucking turkey on crack and Kanye West who is just a fucking moron and his stupid bitch.

  48. Lol, I am eighteen years old and I have seen dogs smarter than some of these people who have been commenting with their ignorance and stupidity. It does not concern me if this article is true or not, but a few of these people commenting complete bewildered words amuses me.

  49. It seems to me that both people are having relationship issues. I don’t blame her for feeling cheap and exploited over the gifts she got. Her husband obviously loves his truck more than he loves her. This whole situation could have been avoided if they knew how to sit down calmly and communicate with one another.

  50. This orignal post was not political in nature AT ALL, in fact it had more to do with relationships, expectations and anger and yet 805 of the responses are about politics REALLY FOLKS?

  51. Holy hell….I had to wade through over 100 comments to find one that was talking about the pissy gift getting wife! Someone, somewhere, went off on a Palin rant and the snowball grew! Anywhoo….back to the ungrateful wife..makes you wonder what she got him? The truck? If so and all I got was a crock pot and skimpy undies I would handle it my way…..”Honey, we are starting a new tradition. Tonight you wear the skimpy undies and cook me up something real good in that shiny new crock pot, and I’ll go out in the truck for awhile..tomorrow night, we trade.” If that doesn’t work, learn to find out what you are getting so you can get something fairly equal to it. Otherwise, suck it up buttercup or get a divorce and be miserable alone!

  52. As was cited (thank you) Palin DID say she could see Russia from her home. I am an Alaskan – guarantee you she can’t and neither can anyone else. That said: How did this discussion become about what Palin said? What I got from the story was a clueless guy gave an inappropriate Christmas present to his wife(he may not know what his wife really wants but he should know what she DOESN’T want). Wife overreacted – badly and publicly.

    I am no fan of Palin but think we can leave her opinions out of this one.

  53. What in the hell is the matter with you people?…you are all just as ignorant as if you just crawled out from under a rock!…This website, The Lapine, is “News Satire”!!!!!! It is a Canadian website, founded in 2011, satirizing local and national politics and has been gaining increasing press coverage from media outlets …
    ‎It’s Canada’s version of The Onion(but nicer)! Good GRIEF!!! Get a life, people…this just makes me SAD! The story is NOT TRUE…it’s SATIRE: sat·ire [sat-ahyuhr] noun
    1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
    2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
    3. a literary genre comprising such compositions.

    1500–10; < Latin satira, variant of satura medley, perhaps feminine derivative of satur sated (see saturate)


  54. I hate to see this happening because he apparently does not pay enough attention to his wife to know what she likes….it seemed to be all about what HE LIKED. When men focus only on their wants and makes her Christmas fit into it….this happens. I believe he should be on his knees and begging her to forgive his insidious self ordained reasoning.

  55. I would say gifts were no big deal, until I read his statement…so, he gifted his wife with items to satisfy his need for good food & good loving? OMG…too funny, sad, ludicrous. I hope they have not reproduced.

  56. from what I read. he is kind of selfish only thinks of his needs not his wife.. he kind of reminds me of someone in the family whom has no job and his wife has she has been working full time yet he just sits there at home watches Tv all day.. yet he only thinks of himself he likes to brag about what he got for christmas and his wife got nothing she even tends their kid plus his kids..

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