Quebec Opens French-Only Blood Donor Banks


MONTREAL — Premier Pauline Marois (Premiere ministre du Quebec) announced today that the Quebec Government (Gouvernement du Quebec) has opened seven blood donor banks (des cliniques de sang) across the province that will be accepting blood only from people who pass a French language test.

“In a time of need, Quebecers should have the choice to not accept blood from persons of another language,” said Marois to media at a newly-opened Quebec Values Blood Clinic, the smell of paint still fresh in the rue de Sainte-Catherine (Saint Catherine Street) facility.

“English, Korean, Muslim blood. It is not the same as Quebecois blood,” said Marois.

Bernard Drainville, Minister responsible for Democratic Institutions and Active Citizenship, told the CBC (SRC) that the move to francophone blood collection is another step “to stand firm and protect the culture, heritage and spunk (esprit) of la belle province (the beautiful province).”

“We did try to work with Societe canadienne du sang (Canadian Blood Services) but they were mostly English people and one had a foreign accent,” said Drainville.

Societe spokesperson Bernard Smith (no relation to Drainville) said the blood service does screen all donations for a variety of transmissible diseases but there is no test for “French or any other language.”

“A platelet (plaquette) is a platelet (plaquette). It doesn’t care what language its human body speaks,” said Smith. “Frankly, this is a very idiotic (stupide), discriminatory (paranoiaque) idea (idee).”

The opening of French-only blood donation clinics comes on the heels of the introduction of the controversial Quebec Charter of Values which proposes, among other things, to limit the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols by public sector employees, and to require those giving or receiving state services to have an uncovered face and no visible tattoos in English.

Premiere ministre du Quebec (Premier) Marois said the French language test will be both oral and written, and warned that it will be difficult .

“If you learned French from a Berlitz CD, you will not be allowed to donate. I’m sure you are a very nice person and your blood is just fine for you but…”

“We want to make sure this blood is pure Quebecois.”

Sue Dunum
Reportering for The Lapine


Quebec Opens French-Only Blood Donor Banks — 185 Comments

      • En passant, la personne qui a relancer le débats constitutionnel en catimini, c’est pas Pauline, c’est harper qui à été secrètement devant la cours supérieur du Québec pour faire invalider la loi 99, pendant qu’il fessait son discours du trône. Loi qui existe depuis l’an 2000. Alors que Harper avait dit, qu’il ne reviendrait pas sur la question de tout son mandat.

      • “Racism”, You BET !!
        «Racisme», Vous PARIEZ !!

        against Peoples OF other:
        Areas; Languages; Dialects; Ages;

        C’est de la discrimination DIRECT
        contre les peuples des autres:
        Zones; les langues; dialectes; Age;

        Which definition of “Racist”,
        do you wish to Use ??

        Quelle est la définition de «raciste»,
        voulez-vous utiliser?

    • Totally agree with you. The blood running through your veins does not determine what culture you belong to. I am so sick and tired of the Language bullshit in Quebec!! They expect everyone to service them in their language but do not give the same respect back.

      • Holy crap people… You do realize that this is not a real news site, right? Do you know The Onion? Same difference. I am flabbergasted to read all the heinous replies that are posted here, without even thinking a single minute before speaking.

        This is pathetic.

    • I agree.
      I am holidaying in Canada shortly and have deleted Quebec from the itinerary.

      Remember ‘Peace in our time’ from the 30′s.
      Just before we bailed the French out for the second time. English blood not good enough for you frogs now?
      It certainly was in 1914 and 1939.
      Unless of course you are worried about Mad Cow Disease, which may be too late for Marois.

      • Maybe you should pass your complaint to the french people from France not the french canadians. You must be an ignorant ass /$%?? from below us.

      • what’s the point of even going to canada then… the rest of the country is nothing but walmart, ikea, cookie cutter communities and bad hockey teams.

        Also, French Canadians liberated France, Holland, Italy and … wait…

        why am i even trying to help your dumb ass. Go to Toronto. As an english speaking Quebecer I don’t even want you here.

        • biz you’re an idiot French Canadians did fuck all in the wars. They didn’t liberate shit! You Frenchies were just a small group in the ENGLISH CANADIAN army to say that the French Candians liberated France, Holland and Italy is false and insulting!

          • And you’re an ignorant fool.

            Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal (which P.E.Trudeau was part of)
            The Royal 22nd regiment
            Régiment de la Chaudière
            Le Régiment de Maisonneuve
            425 Tactical Fighter Squadron
            All participated in the 2nd world war and made a third of the Canadian forces that was sent there.. that’s not a small group.

        • Dude first of all Trudeau was an idiot and so is his son. Second French Canadian’s made up a quarter at most and didn’t do much. All the french are good at is surrendering.

    • The Premier of Quebec and her party are doing all these stupid things. Don’t take it on the Québécois and the province. They may have elected her and le Parti Québécois but I’m quite sure that they will get dropped in the next elections.

    • ca mérite une poursuite judiciaire en diffamation contre ce site web et cette journaliste. This one deserves legal procedures against both the web site owner-operator and the journalist.

    • Please, share with us you’re extensive experience living in Québec. Because when you compare with our neighbors in Ontario, Québec offers much more services in english than Ontario does in french. But you already knew that, didn’t you ?

    • Shocking! TOO BAD they don’t refuse the outrageous amount of money we STUPIDLY send them in transfer payments…..

      I can’t wait till they separate only they will have to take their debts with them. Think that will ever happened..

      Why did our government ever fall prey to their selfish, childish demands.

      • That’s funny, just in 2009 (from the statistic I was able to get my hands on) we paid 23 Billions more than the average provinces in federals taxes which paid 45 billion, that’s 6 600 per family more than the other provincial families. Out of that 23 billion more that we sent, we only got back 7 billion. So if we paid more than the other provinces, we’re surely not making childish demands. One of the reasons we are not receiving more, IS BECAUSE we are paying our debts more than the other provinces, so globally our % of the debts is becoming lesser than the other provinces. And yet we are still able to finance what other provinces are not able to, pay our workers more, have better maternity and paternity leaves, all of that while paying more taxes to the feds, than the other provinces.

    • Hey mona. Quebec is a nice place to live even if shit like that happrns.. I doesntmake sense to me either but don’t say stuff like that about quebec… I could probable say worst stuff about where youre from.

  1. What a fucking psycho. Hope she gets hit by a car and needs blood and there isn’t enough French blood for her. Freak show.

  2. I’m certain if you take a survey of people who are receiving blood and ask them if they mind receiving our healthy English blood to survive they wouldn’t say no. By donating blood you’re doing a good deed for all humans English French black and white it shouldn’t matter what someone’s mother tongue is that shouldn’t be in question at all. All that should matter is if the person who is donating is healthy and that their blood will be used to help someone in need .
    Pauline Marois you’re quebecs modern day hitler you’ve done nothing but make a fool of urself and ur party by showing the nation how narrow minded and ignorant French Canadian Parti Quebecois followers can be. Give yourself a round of applause

    • I took a survey of how many Quebec women were against sucking my cock, and 90% agreed, the rest like black ones. You can keep your blood, aslong as you suck my dick.



  4. It’s on the internet, it must be true! Seriously people, take a deep breath, relax, and take a look at the source.

    From the About tab:

    “The Lapine is all about poking people and things that deserve to be poked. It is satirical commentary written by all kinds of people from here, there and darned near everywhere.”

  5. Premier Marois and her(government) is a DISGRACE to the human race for all their comments and legislations….I agree with the comment that “if the person is healthy, and willing to donate blood, it shouldn’t matter what language they speak….I have had several transfusions, myself, now, I don’t know my donors, but I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their donation(s)….My Husband says “she and her government belong in a rubber room by themselves somewhere….THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATE THE GIFT OF LIFE….

    • The nazis where saying pretty much the same thing about jews !
      Ostie de grosse red-nek ! Je gagerais 100$ que tu as un gros cul.

  6. I would like to remind people that not all French speaking personne living in Quebec is an idiot. I was born in Quebec and still live there today, my kids are bilingual and we are the furthest from being racial. I don’t want to be associated with any persons who agree with this.

  7. No, this has to be a joke or something. Quebecois blood? Your blood is just fine but we need Quebecois blood? What they hell does that even mean?

  8. Oh god she makes me feel sick!! She didn’t discriminate between races, but betweeh religions too! Muslim blood? Is islam a race or a belief! Stupid

  9. Wake up retards and use your brain for a second!! You all make me sad

    The Lapine is all about poking people and things that deserve to be poked. It is satirical commentary written by all kinds of people from here, there and darned near everywhere.

    The Lapine is all about poking people and things that deserve to be poked. It is satirical commentary written by all kinds of people from here, there and darned near everywhere.

    The Lapine is all about poking people and things that deserve to be poked. It is satirical commentary written by all kinds of people from here, there and darned near everywhere.

    The Lapine is all about poking people and things that deserve to be poked. It is satirical commentary written by all kinds of people from here, there and darned near everywhere.

    The Lapine is all about poking people and things that deserve to be poked. It is satirical commentary written by all kinds of people from here, there and darned near everywhere.

  10. Linguistic apartheid is a problem. I have come into contact with it myself. This article may not be for real, but there are issues in Ontario and Quebec like this.
    It makes me sick.

  11. Hey guys ! That’s a fake news. I am from Quebec and I am sure that no one here except some few retarded would accept such a stupid linguistic discrimination.

    Come on. People in Quebec are mostly cool. Just like Canadians. Its just that troublemakers always come up in the news and make us look like assholes.


  12. OH MY LORD.
    I cannot believe how many stupid people believed this was an actual post.
    Wow…one giant step backwards for mankind today.

  13. I hope that no one is stupid enough or want to victimised himself enough so he believes that fake news. If anyone feels that he’s not safe or happy in Québec because here the native language is french, they are 12 other provinces/territories and 52 U.S. states all around the place. English is THE language there. If you are xenophobic enough so this is the only thing makes you feel right, and if you’re racist enough to not understand that there is one DAMN PLACE IN AMERICA THAT FRENCH IS THE LANGUAGE and you don’t want to respect this..Why stay here? Give yourself a break. Plenty of other choices! If was going to China, and stay there for many years, I would learn their language (well, one of them). Amazing that people that are here since 30,40 or even 60 years never wanted to at least learn basic French.

    • And don’t think I’m anti-anglophones… I think the same of francophones that are pro-separation just because they are too lazy to learn english and fear the english language like if it was a pest! same type of people.

      • Then you have absolutely no clue why we want independance, it’s not because we fear english, it’s to preserves our culture first, which is not the same as the rest of Canada.

        • It’s one thing to preserve your culture, it’s another thing entirely to be so ignorant, ethnocentric, and xenophobic of other cultures. Her attitude is making French Quebecers look bad because not all of them think like this. In fact, a lot of them are very welcoming and patient with non-French speakers. It’s when you have to deal with the Quebec Government or the STM that this sort of attitude prevails. It’s childish, petty and completely counterproductive. If you want people to respect your culture, you should actually teach what that culture is about and be open to questions/comments.

          I’ve been hearing is a lot of whining about how the culture is dying yet no one can give me a straight answer as to what this culture actually is. Does it only goes as far as preserving the French language? Because that in itself isn’t even Quebec’s to begin with.

          • You’ve had plenty of opportunity in 300 years to actually see what the culture is, even if we are to explain it to you, and we actually have in many ways, you do not wish to understand it.

            Fact is, these things have been ongoing for the past 70 years, secularism has been a battle that has lasted 6 decades and it’s something that a majority of Quebecker wants, so is the protection of our language. And please don’t tell me that french is preserved. The feds have tried for generations to have it disappear slowly by assimilation, and if you tell me that we can go anywhere in Canada and be served in french, I will call you a liar. I have been across Canada due to my business, I have even had to act as a translator in a Toronto hospital for some friends because the doctors didn’t want to speak french, it’s not that he couldn’t, he didn’t WANT to. And to go to a corner store in Toronto and be served in french.. or even a vast majority of them even in English is a feat of gigantic proportion. That’s what we are trying to stop here. French has been the working language in Quebec since the 80′s that’s almost 40 years now, and yet you can go in stores here in Quebec and still be refused to be served in french “you’re in canada blah blah blah” If they are not happy of the laws here, then they have other places to go, if they come here they have to abide by the rules here, as we would if we went to an other country that spoke an other language.

            Seeing also what is happening in Europe and the UK where the native people are slowly being subjugated to follow archaic laws set by religion, I am speaking of the Sharia here, this is something that we want to put a stop before it even begins over here. If they want to follow their religion, we have NO problem with that, they do it in the mosque, church, temple, or in their house, not in the streets, not in the schools, and not by blocking roads so they can pray as it’s been happening in Europe. Our teaching institution and our governing body is secular, we want it to remain that way. By the way that also goes for me since I’m christian, so what’s good for them is also valid for me and I’m all for that.

          • These are the pathetic common comments; we’re not open to other cultures. Especially coming out of someone living in a anglo-saxon country. Statistics have shown over and over that the US, the UK, NZ, Australia and Canada are the country in the developped world that has the smallest percentage of foreign culture accessible (translated books, movies, foreign TV series on main Stream TV,etc) and are the least polylingual. And it’s typical of anglophones to think that if a main langage or a public langage is not English, then it’s because people are xenophobic. You probably dont travel enough to have notice that if you go in countries like Sweden or France or Venezuela or whatever country, you actually learn the main langage to be integrated. You don’t think swedish people are not xenophobic and yet, if you move there, you’ll have to learne the langage. Finally Québec is the most bilingual society in NA and YES! we have an official langage. Start opening your mind really to other cultures for real (I’m not about getting a Tonkin Soup in the heart of Toronto and smiling at the cliché/folkloric/superficial/communautaristic signs in englih and greek or English and italy in TO and move your ass and learn another langage and go see foreigna movies and try to adapt to the local cultures where ever you’re going to livre. But hey, you’re like all the proud citizens of anglo-saxon countries around the world; you love all the cultures of the world especially if it’s the cute ethnic ghettos playing the cute communautarism, the only cultures you despise are the local ones!

  14. That confirms what i have read yesterday : Pauline Marois hired a bunch of mad scientists to make a super giant Zombie-Hitler with laser throwing eyes to kill all Englishs speaking peoples in Quebec…

    It makes me want to tear my french tongue out of my mouth earing things like that…

    Come on guys… Are you just stupid or what ?

    Tabarnak !

  15. white or black, you get blood only as long as you can pass the French test! Next: all English sit at the back of the bus and not allowed to use any public facilties!

  16. I remember two great wars where the pussy Frenchman were ready to call it quits and needed the help of the English nations to save it from becoming Germany’s garbage dump. French people are hilariously weak.

  17. This would be funnier if you knew a bit more about Quebec while writing this:

    - It’s “rue Ste-Catherine”, not “rue de Ste-Catherine”
    - Canadian Blood Services don’t operate in Quebec, there is already a separate entity called Hema-Quebec…
    - French takes accents.. seriously, you can copy-paste them!

  18. Those who think this is real ARE THE REAL STUPIDS. Jesus, how can you believe in an article published on a website called THE LAPINE. Seriously people, you are making a shame of yourselves. Stop believing everything you read and see. Use your freaking BRAIN. Do your research. Jesus.

  19. OhMyGod!
    Pauline – you forgot the swastikas…….pure Aryan (quebecois) blood! Are you kidding me?
    The woman, and the PQ are desperate to provoke the rest of us NORMALS so she can take extreme action
    in order to protect the ‘state’.
    I think she should move to Toronto and team up with Ford……two WACKOS!

  20. This is all pure bullshit. If you believe this shit it’s that you just love hating Qc for any stupids reason who are not even true, or you’re not really quick.

  21. I’ll be Frank…actually… I Am!

    This is fake but sure stirred a hornets nest!

    Let’s take this up a notch!

    Why are the most racist Canadians towards Quebecers all in the west thus, the furthest away?

    We got our idiots in power and so have yours blahblahblah, idiots know no color, nation or language blahblahblah usual logic 101 rhetoric…

    Who’s Rob Ford again?

  22. This is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. Did you want to start burning all non-french people and have French only clinics? This is racist and a multicultural nation should not allow and back such discriminatory ideas.

  23. I find it hard to believe that this is true. Firstly if it was, the press would be all over this. This would be even worst than the Ford story out of Toronto. So, lets say maybe it’s true, in that case the media will explode with it in the next few days. Lets wait and see what happens.

  24. I can not beleive this ! We all going to look like a bunch of idiots,,, i hope they all get sick those separatist then propably they will accept blood coming from another language speeking person

  25. I’m not sure what’s the most shocking thing here…

    1) The news of a french-only blood bank


    2) The number of imbeciles on this page that actually believes that this is real

    Actually, i’m pretty sure to know which is the most shocking, option #2 LOL

  26. Angry people? How stupid are you? Really, this is bullshit and show how mad english can be…. Most of Qc aren’t in favor of marois and she won because of bullshit made by and for students…. Basically, we’re screwed/surrounded by dumbass…. I hate my roots for that kind of cocksucker!!!

  27. Seriously, people are enough stupid to believe its true! You really don’t understand what’s happening in the mind of Quebekers and what they are fighting for…

    And you say Quebekers are racists? You just need a stupid joke to show all the hate you have for them, and you are surprise after that they want to get out of that country!


  28. Encore du Quebec francophone “bashing”. le pire n’est pas d’y croire, mais de vouloir y croire. Beaucoup d’anglo aimeraient que ce soit vrai juste pour se réconforter dans leur idée que Marois ou le PQ c’est le diable. On traite Marois de nazi. À lire les commentaires haineux à l’encontre des francophones, c’est à ce demander qui est le plus nazi des deux… vous me donnez juste envie de voter PQ!

    • Moi je n’avais pas voté PQ.
      Mais au prochaine élections je vais le faire !
      Le Québec bashing est devenu un sport national pour les ”Canadians ”

  29. It may sound idiotic, but it is symbolic of what is really happening here in Quebec. Montreal will never be Canada’s business center and it is ALL because of the government and the culture of Quebec. Pure paranoia. There are no Spanish laws in Florida, yet Spanish flourishes there, just like the French culture will flourish here. The only difference is t it will also flourish with unemployment in no time.

    • Oh yeah for sure, if we didn’t act the slow assimilation that Canada was doing by sending over 80% of allophones or anglophones immigration here in Quebec up til 2005, A higher proportion that was being sent compared to the rest of Canada for allophones, is surely going to preserves a nation’s culture.

  30. I can’t believe some of you can be so naive. Calm the hell down. This piece of trash is not for real. Read some of the other articles and you will realize this is a satire, though not a very good one. It only serves to alienate rather than to educate. It does however succede at bringing out the very worst of feelings towards french Quebec. It never fails to amaze me to see rabid haters in my beautiful province.

    Louise Power-Belec

  31. Trop drôle, et même un peu triste … Quebec est vraiment “la belle Province” et c’est un honte que nombreuses des gens sont prêts à croire que cet blague est vrai. A fois, il sent comme que le PQ veut détruire Quebec … *le sigh*

    (Mais j’aime “If you learned French from a Berlitz CD, you will not be allowed to donate. I’m sure you are a very nice person and your blood is just fine for you but…” — LOL — Que diriez-vous Pimsleur? Pimsleur est bien, non? D’accord? ;))

  32. It is starting to sound very similar to a German guy who tried to purify the blood and make life difficult for other people. We all know what happened to him.
    I wonder what P E Trudeau would have made of all this bxxxxxxt

      • This P.Q and all the French needs to go back to were they came from Canada does not need Quebec period Montreal sucks so do there French hockey team please federal government cut back on all Quebecor’s please.

  33. HAHAHAHAHAHA Good one, I actually went and tried to find proof of that, like any rational, sane person would do.
    Doesn’t exist.
    I haz sad.

  34. Why did God invented québécois? So the supposedly perfect and morally superior english-canadian could express there hatred and could be racist all the way and still look like perfect open-minded, tolerant citizen. On have to be REALLY RACIST to blindly believe that shit. (but of course I’m wasting my time here…

    • That is the kind of statement that makes the Quebecois look bad.
      1) God did not create the Quebecois; the French did.
      2) It would not be racist as the Quebecois are not a race – although many are arrogant enough to believe that they should be classified as one.
      3) Most English Canadians don’t think that they are perfect or superior to French-Canadians. Most feel that all Canadians should be treated equal, regardless of their language. English Canadians are peeved with the Quebecois because they (thanks to Trudeau) have perverted the laws that are supposed to treat all citizens of this country equally. French-speaking Canadians (the minority of the population) get first opportunity for all government jobs. This has has led to a snowball effect with French-speaking public servants pushing for French dominance across Canada through their positions in the government. English speaking Canadians (over 90% of the population) pay for the government to operate in a bilingual capacity to serve French speaking Canadians. According to Stats Canada, less than 8% of the population speak French-only. This is a ridiculous imbalance and massively bloats the cost of running the government. Considering this is paid for mostly by the majority English population, any reasonably intelligent person should be able to see why this might create some intolerance among the English majority.

      • If you naively believe English canada is more bilingual than Québec, well.. it’s really pathetic. YOu are totally brainwashed by the dogmas of Trudeauism and canadian nationalism. Yes, canadian nationalism cause it does exits and its intense. Hypocrital but intense!

        • I have no idea where you got the idea that anyone thought English Canada was more bilingual than Quebec. That was never stated, is not true, and would never be the case. I am not brainwashed and do believe that Canadian Nationalism exists and that it is a good thing for any patriotic citizen of our beloved country. This is because I believe that Canadianism is stronger than Canadian Nationalism and counters the downsides of nationalism (ie. assimilation, etc..) through empathy towards embracing our mutli-cultural society. Most Canadians love Quebec and the French heritage … they just get pissed of when it is force fed to them against their will. We don’t make Quebeckers put up English signs on their stores just because there are a couple English speaking people in their community. We don’t take away jobs from French-only nurses in Québec City just because some patients speak English only. Maybe if that happened, they would start to see what all the fuss is about. The only people that would have a problem with the Canadian (light) version of nationalism are enemies of the country that wish to see it divided.

  35. En général je ne réponds pas à ce genre d’ânerie. Il est clair qu’il s’agit de pure désinformation. C’est cela du Québec Bashing !

  36. honestly! The Lapine site should be seen just as it is – a form of fictitious satire. As a quebecer (that actually likes it here and does not want to immigrate to the rest of Canada) I’m sad that instead of proposing some sort of middle ground for discution and discovery of the “other camp’s” concerns, or promoting understanding, time and effort are spent on hoax(es?) that further muddle the issues and raise tempers. Again as a quebecer, I must apologise for our chosen representatives, as not all of us are proud of our politicians – but I also see the Torontonians’ discord over unseemly behaviour of their Mayor, so I guess we’re all stuck till the next elections

    • Torontonians still want their Mayor and realize the good he does instead of dwelling on his alcoholic disease which can be cured. It’s the media and people like you that make fun of the ill or try to take them down. Your Premiere is nuts! Not with any cureable illness either. Anyone who is so pleased with themselves for being so disgusting to the residents of her province is an entirely different story all together.

  37. reading through some comments it struck me that there are so many ignorant quebecers who take this crap as a serious thing. Terribly unbeleivable.

    Je ne peux croire que tant de québecois ajoute foi à un tel cannular.
    C’est tristement incroyable et navrant.

  38. Has anyone of you actually bother to check if this was actually true? All the searches I have made (even called one of my friends who works at the CBC has told me that there was no such news….. Where’s the link from a legitimate news source? None.. This leads me to believe that this is false, and all of you are commenting about Us being racists and stuff like that based on a lie, which actually shows how bias you really are in the first place. As a Canadian who prone loving all people from Canada and where all Canadians are accepted and equal, you should really be ashamed.

  39. Now the joke is on The Lapine. You didn’t think so many people could possibly think this was a hoax and now look at that. You really deserve a lawsuit for this one.

    Now, one thing you managed to do was bring out all the hatred between English speaking and French speaking. It’s funny (or not) to see how these children who wouldn’t care about language or race grew up to become so racist and discriminatory. Maybe the Media played its part on that…

  40. Get a grip people! It’s just a joke. Mme Marios and M. Drainville may not be the brightest bunnies in the carrot patch, (actually goes for most of the PQ), but even they are not that stupid.

  41. OK folks. Take a deep deep breath, now read the other ‘news’ items published on this site.
    This is meant to be a humorous, satirical jab at two things:
    xenophobia in PQ and the gullibility of TROC (the rest of Canadian) readers.
    Bull’s eye on both counts.

    • LAUPIN brings out the ‘best’ (truth) in people. I love it.
      I got fooled once with a report about bringing the penny back.
      I check all my news items now to see where they come from.
      Good work! Keep it up!

      • You must be the biggest idiot on the planet.. or at least in Canada after Harper really, in case you didn’t know The french were colonizing Canada almost a century before the british did. So why don’t you go and hide back into your mole hole?

    • Are you joking really? Because this really is too much and there are people in this world that could attempt to hurt her if they believed this! She is not someone to make such jokes about, she is surely hated by many!

    • Alright, then we’ll stop providing Canada’s 33.1% of it’s electricity, Well force an ambargo on all trades that goes through the st-laurents and there’s so much more we provide to you guys like paying more federal taxes (23 billion more than the other provinces in 2009) to fund your army and to pay for PEI and other harper projects.

      • Canada pays for the electricity. The Seaway is half owned by the USA. Quebec gets money back because it is a ‘have not’ province. I like your suggestion.

        • Oh that’s funny! you pay the electricity less than we Quebec citizen pay it thanks to the LPQ. The sea way is not half owned by the USA, as it is most of it is bordered by the Gaspesie and nova scotia, You’re really clueless of tings eh? And have not? We have more public services than any other provinces, and yet we manage to pay 23 billion more in fed taxes in 2009, than the average 45 billion of the other provinces, that’s a total of 68 billion that we paid, when ontario and the others paid 45, explain that.

  42. Satire or not. It undermines Hema Quebec and Canadian Blood Services hard work. Less than 4% of the eligible public donate blood.

  43. “The Lapine” is Canada’s version of “The Onion”, a U.S. satirical newspaper. “Lapine” is a fictional language created by author Richard Adams for his 1972 novel Watership Down, where it is spoken by fictional rabbit characters. This lends to the papers motto… Rabbits eat onions… ie – our satirical paper tells better lies than our American counterparts. I’m not sure that this article proves that or that we are more gullible.
    This is nothing more than a poke at Marois for her insane Hitleresque political and social views. In any case, it is quite entertaining to see how much Canada, including many Quebecers, hate Hitler … I mean Marois….. lol

  44. Anyone who takes this stuff seriously without even questioning the possibility that it might not be true is the real problem … not The Lapine. To suggest that The Lapine might be responsible for creating a problem with this article is like suggesting that National Enquirer caused unnecessary panic when they broke news about aliens invading our planet (..on at least 20 occasions). By the way, Premier Marois also announced that aliens were not welcome in her country. Can you imagine the effect of alien blood being mixed with the pure Quebecois bloodlines? Luckily the Aliens were able to read the French-only signs and catastrophe was avoided until the next close encounter.

  45. Honestly, we all should’ve realized that this so called news is just someone trying to bad mouth madame Marois. However, it is also true that a lot of people living in Qc. hate her for being too closed to her people(mainly non-french speaking people). If Marois really wants to win her people, she should give explanations for her actions and keep her promises. Hence, I have nothing against her and this acticle is probably just another way to bad mouth our minister.

    Quebec and the people shouldn’t even be menyioned in any of the comments above…People are against Maroi, not Quebec. Except the roads, Quebec is a very good place to live in !

    • This is not a real news article, it’s satire. It’s a fake news website with tongue-in-cheek humour. The joke this time is how many people actually thought it was real. It’s amusing..

  46. This woman is a danger to the world. She is a racist pig and should be dragged off to prison for discrimmination!
    I can’t believe that she is allowed to get away with this bull crap.
    What a pig she is, I hope some day she is in need of blood and that she has to take what ever she is lucky enough to have!
    What is going to come out of her insane brain next?
    I don’t think of her even being French only that she is a sick pig!

  47. Le danger c’est les personnes qui croient en de telle merde. Quand un article se retrouve uniquement sur The Lapine je me poserais des questions sur l’authenticité des sources!!!

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