About The Lapine

The Lapine is all about poking people and things that deserve to be poked. It is satirical commentary written by all kinds of people from here, there and darned near everywhere.

Given that so many, many people, events, opinions and trends deserve to be shown in a tongue-firmly-in-cheek way, The Lapine is not limited to just trending topics. Our writers will guffaw at anything really.

The word Lapine is French for rabbit. There’s no deep logic behind the name so please don’t get a brain hernia trying to figure it out. We’re just two people who believe that satire can be very effective in pointing out that the emperor is buck naked.

No Lapine content is intended to hurt even the most delicate of feelings…but it’s bound to happen. Get over it. But if you have concerns, let us know. Did we mention that The Lapine is satire?

And we always welcome new writers so send us your story idea or article by e-mail at thelapine@gmail.com.

Minimum 150 words…300 tops.

Drop us a note.