Ann Coulter Winning MOVEMBER Moustache Challenge With Rush Limbaugh


Ultra-conservative commentator Ann Coulter is out-lipping her fellow ultra-conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh in a personal-grudge growing match, according to photos posted on web site BuzzFeed.

“Ann’s got this reddish tinged crop of hair coming in but Rush’s upper lip is still a bit of a hairless sausage so far,” said Wee Willy Graham (no relation to wee Billy Graham).

MOVEMBER is a global crowd-driven event that raises money for testicular and prostate cancer research with more than 2.5 million men growing moustaches for the 30 days of the month. This year’s pledges have topped $175 million so, while The Lapine jests here, this is a great cause.

“Man oh man, that girl Ann’s got balls to grow a ‘stache for all the world to see,” gushed Wee Willy.

Vic Issitude
Reporting for The Lapine

*Please spread the word about MOVEMBER and maybe consider growing some lip fuzz yourself.



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