Apple Amazes Tech Insiders With iPad Nano


SAN JOSE  -Touting it as “our most amazing product since the iPhone 5,” Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook unveiled the iPad nano Wednesday at a release event in San Jose.

“Imagine a device so advanced that it can do exactly what the iPhone 5 can do, all while fitting in your pocket. Imagine a device so beautiful that it pushes style and elegance further than it’s ever been, while not changing a thing. And now, imagine a device that has the exact physical and internal specifications as the iPhone 5 and sells for the same price,” Cook said before a packed crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the iPad nano, a revolution in naming innovation.”

The nano, which features a 4-inch screen with Apple’s Retina display, an 8-megapixel camera, and Apple’s iOS 6 operating system, will retail for $179.99 in Canada for the 16GB version and will be shipped with an all-new box design. The company is expecting to sell 5 million units when the nano goes on-sale on November 2, having already ramped up box production at their factories in China, as well as increasing production of the iPhone 5 to account for 5 million additional units.

Tech watchers responded with fervent enthusiasm to Apple’s announcement.

“What I love about the nano is that what Apple is promising fans is the iPhone 5, but what they’re offering is so much more,” stated blogger Christian deVecchio on the technology site Arstechnica. ‘If this isn’t the best thing Apple’s created, it’s certainly the most recent.”

“With the nano, we’re aiming at customers who are looking for a tablet that is sleek and portable like a phone, but that’s called a tablet,” Apple spokesperson Bill Mayfair said. “We expect it to be most popular with iPhone 5 users who want to expand into the tablet market, but who want something that is at once both comfortable and familiar to them. We’re all about creating experiences here at Apple, and when our customers say they want to think they’re using a tablet, we’re prepared to deliver.”

As of Thursday, fans were already lined up to pay their day’s wages on something that appears to be brand new.

“I can’t wait,” said Apple consumer Bryan McGee, who was already camping outside the Apple store in San Jose in anticipation of next Friday’s release. “Thanks to its improved functionality, I’ll be able to use my new nano in places where it just wouldn’t be practical to use my iPhone 5.”

According to the company, the iPad nano’s major advantage in the quickly flooding tablet market will come from its new sync function, which allows the device to wirelessly interface with and control the user’s existing iPhone 5.

Apple, which has maintained its status as the most profitable and innovative company in the world by releasing differently sized products that were innovative 5 years ago, saw its stock go up 7% after the announcement, which was cheered by one tech investor as a “sign that our lives are meaningless, devoid of all worth and humanity.”

Recent rumours out of the Apple rumour mill suggest that the tech giant’s next product, possibly to be unveiled in January, will be a tablet specifically designed to play your music.



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