Are Immigrants Stealing Volunteering Opportunities?


TORONTO -No topic seems as ‘hot’ and controversial today as that of immigration. Are immigrants making life better for ‘real’ Canadians? Empirical evidence would suggest that, as the vast majority of Canadian immigrants are economic immigrants chosen specifically because they contribute positively to the economy, that immigration is a good thing. But is it? The Lapine takes the story to you.

Comprehensive polls undertaken by The Lapine indicate that an overwhelming ninety percent of natural born Canadians are in favor of other Canadians volunteering more. Yet is this realistically possible, are the volunteering opportunities really available, and if not, who should we blame?

According to Paul Crowley, a spokesperson for the Fraser Institute, a generic right wing think tank, immigrants are to blame. Sitting down with Mr. Crowley for an interview in his office, he explained his views and reasoning to our intrepid reporters. The Fraser institute spokesperson credited his grandfather for his own patriotism and desire to protect Canada from the masses of foreign born. “My Grandfather”, he told us, “came to this Country from Russia with nothing, he didn’t even speak English at first, but he built himself up and became successful. He was part of the hardworking generation that made this country great; a country that immigrants are increasingly threatening. Hell, I couldn’t even get my kids volunteer jobs at the SPCA cause immigrants had taken them all up”.

It is true, according to multiple sources, foreign born citizens, immigrants, are almost twice as likely to volunteer as natural born citizens. The various immigrants we interviewed expressed reasons such as ‘gratification’ or wanting to ‘give back’ or ‘absorb the culture’ of the country that accepted them.

A new bill by Stephen Harper is set to restrict volunteering opportunities for immigrants by limiting the amount of volunteer hours they can work per week. We at The Lapine look forward to our wild speculations and snap judgments when the bill is opened to debate in the House of Commons.



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