Arizona Gun Buyers Offered Free Flag Tattoo


PHOENIX – Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer says her state will not destroy thousands of guns already bought by police in a “Get Guns Off The Street” weapons reduction program as planned.

Instead the State will make a “healthy buck” by selling the turned-in guns at a massive weekend-long Gun Garage Sale at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix.

And the Governor is throwing in a free Stars and Stripes tattoo for every purchaser to “help defend the 2nd Amendment” and clear out “these slightly-used beauties.”

“I mean, why would we chop up a perfectly good Bushmaster M4 Fully Automatic when we can get a few grand for it?” asked Brewer, herself the owner of an AK47 and a lifetime member of the NRA. “Hmmmm. Destroy a beautiful self-defense weapon? Or sell it to a responsible American with citizenship papers and make a big profit for Arizona? Hmmmm.”

The so-called buy-back guns were purchased with no questions asked by police and were slated to be dismantled and melted to help reduce the number of guns in the state in a program started by the non-profit group Arizonans for Gun Safety.

“Can peroxide make you insane?” asked a visibly angry Phoenix uniformed police officer who covered his badge number when talking to media. “She’s selling guns in a stadium parking lot that we just bought to get them off the streets. And she’s tattooing our flag on the biceps and ass cheeks of thousands of happy new gun owners!”

Reaction to the sale of the bought-back guns has been strong but a White House spokesperson said there is nothing illegal about the arms garage sale as all States are considered de facto legal gun dealers.

“But we will be carefully watching the sanitation of the tattooing to ensure the safety of all participants,” said Duncan Hind, adding that federal health agents will be out in force at the gun sale.

“You can get some nasty skin infections from dirty needles.”

Sue Dunum
Reportering for The Lapine



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