Axe Gifts Meant as Joke — Kids Horrified Their Fathers are Wearing It


LOS ANGELES — A single Twitter message from 14-year old Kayla Rockford that she was going to give her Dad a can of “gag-me” Axe Body Spray for Father’s Day as a joke went viral.

And then it went horribly wrong for more than 100,000 kids who responded to the tweet saying they would do it too.

The fathers didn’t get the gag.

But the kids are now gagging.

“My Dad took off his pajama top and sprayed that shit on his pits, his belly, everywhere,” Rockford posted this morning.

“He even pulled out the elastic front of his bottoms and sprayed his junk. Ewwww.”

“I can’t breathe.”

Rockford’s tweet today about the missed joke exploded on Twitter with thousands of similar messages about fathers actually liking the Axe gift and “acting all cool and with-it” after using up most of the can.

Rockford says she received several death threats.

“I think my Mom is going to divorce him,” read one tweet.

“He sprayed the pillows on their bed.”


Marketed mostly to young teenage males with poor hygiene and facial acne, Axe has become the leading “full-body deodorizer” in that largely virgin segment. Many schools, movie theaters and gyms have banned the wearing of any Axe product with Starbucks and Taco Bell saying they are considering refusing service to anyone with an overwhelming smell of “cheap cologne and horny monkey’s crotch.”

The American Retailers’ Association reported earlier this week that Axe “Hard Stallion” Body Spray was outselling ugly neckties nearly 2 to 1. Gas stations are reporting strong last-minute sales of pine-scented car deodorizers making them the #3 top seller.

Rockford says she regrets the joke gift and thought her Dad would get it.

“Can’t he smell for crap’s sake?”

“Next year he’s getting socks.”

Sue Dunum
Reportering for The Lapine



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