Ben Carson ‘Stranded’ in Middle of Escalator After Stairs Stop Moving


MIAMI — Just minutes after being freed from a stuck elevator in a low-cost housing building, HUD Secretary Ben Carson became stranded on an escalator that suddenly stopped working.

“I went to my place of inner peace and found calm in the storm,” Carson told reporters after they finally coaxed him to walk up the 20 or so non-moving escalator steps.

Carson had remained standing on the escalator and gently swaying for nearly 15 minutes before an NBC reporter took him by the arm and led him up the stairs.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson “stuck” on stopped escalator. Photo credit: Jaylene Ebbs.

“My decades being a neurosurgeon taught me that there are no challenges in life that we cannot overcome with serene thought and prayer,” a visibly relieved Carson said as he hugged strangers and reporters alike.

Low-cost housing tenants protesting against Dr. Carson’s push to implement Donald Trump’s $62 billion cut to housing assistance say the escalator made a squealing noise before slowly coming to a stop, leaving Carson standing about 2/3 of the way up.

“He looked up at all of us waiting for him on the second level but he just stood there,” said one onlooker.

“Didn’t move a step even though we were all telling him to just — you know — walk up the stairs. Weird stuff, gotta say.”

NBC 6 Miami reporter Alina Machado finally went down the stairs and convinced Carson he didn’t have to wait for the escalator to be repaired and then was able to lead him to the top by the elbow.

“I’m not certain what was going through Secretary Carson’s mind that made him believe he was stuck on the escalator. Nope. I have no idea whatsoever,” Machado said in her news bulletin afterwards.

“Dr. Carson became a bit emotional when he stepped off the stalled escalator. We were all very confused.”

Carson (65) has often referred to himself as a ‘cloud person’, a term he has never clearly defined when pressed by media or even colleagues. The New York Times has frequently used the term ‘atypical thinker’ to describe Carson after interviews where he has offered opinions on everything ranging slaves having been immigrants to the pyramids being built to store grain and brew whiskey.

“When things happen on the outside, we need to listen to our inside’s outside and outside’s inside,” Carson told the small, confused crowd before wandering off in the direction of the mall’s food court.

Secretary Carson’s communications aide was unable to clarify this comment for reporters.

William Yum
Reportering for The Lapine




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