Black Male Approximately 1.8 Metres Tall Identified as New Toronto Police Chief


TORONTO — With his first act as the city’s newly-appointed Chief of Police, Mark Saunders came clean with Torontonians today and copped to being a black man.

“Right now people are like ‘Whoa…did anyone else notice that Saunders is a black dude?'” Saunders said to the Toronto Star following today’s announcement.

“So, yes, the Twitter rumours are true…I am not an older, white man.”

“Nobody thought I’d get the job so no one paid attention to the fact that I am un-white until today.”

“Chief Blair told me this morning that he hadn’t even noticed I am a dark-black male standing approximately 1.8 metres tall with no distinguishing marks.”

“He joked that he would have carded me if he had ever seen me out of uniform outside a 7-Eleven.”


As the city’s first non-white Chief of Police, Saunders brings 32 years of experience with the Toronto Police Service working in the gang and drug squads, and overseeing the homicide division.

A 52-year-old father of four, Saunders takes over the $1 billion police force from outgoing Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair (61) whose contract was not renewed by the Toronto Police Services Board following pesky allegations of condoning racial profiling, and on-going criticism that he failed to arrest former Mayor Rob Ford for any damn thing whatsoever.


Saunders was born in the U.K. to Jamaican parents and immigrated to Canada as a child. He has a BA in justice studies from Guelph Humber University, is black, speaks five languages, is black, volunteers at three food banks, and is black.

“I know some people will be surprised to hear that the new Chief of Police isn’t an old, white, military-looking guy,” said Sanders.

“But I don’t even notice that I’m black…not something I wake up every morning thinking about.”

“If you meet me, have a look.  I’m not white.  See for yourself.  Take as much time as you need…”

William Yum
Reportering for The Lapine



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