“Brazilian Bikini Wax” cost charged by Federal Minister Bev Oda


On the heels of charging taxpayers $16 for a glass of orange juice and thousands of dollars for an upgrade to a “swanky” London hotel and Beef Eater chauffeured limo rides, International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda’s government credit card bills showed a $225 charge for a bikini wax.

Weakerleaks reports it uncovered the no-limit Government of Canada Master Card receipt for a “painless Brazilian bikini line hair removal” that was originally claimed as a “miscellaneous grooming” charge on the Minister’s expense report while on a trip to Seoul, South Korea, to attend the Global Conference on Government Transparency.  The receipt was from Luscious Lucy’s All Things Hair Spa.

“The cost was removed by the Honourable Minister in the interests of accountability,” read a statement from Oda’s Pubic Affairs Office.

Weakerleak documents show the $225 cost (including a $50 tip) was originally claimed as a “grooming expense” but then amended on the “proactive disclosure page” of the Government web site.  An exact amount of $225 then appeared on the altered expense claim for “luggage repair”.  Oda’s spokesperson refused comment on the change.

“This Minister’s spending is more about her personal bottom line than the taxpayers’,” said Thomas Mulcair, national NDP leader while attending a ribbon-cutting at a Quebec Hydro land reclamation site.  “It’s these kinds of reckless expenditures that worsen Dutch disease but I should add here that Albertans had nothing to do with this expense claim.  Some of my best friends have visited Alberta.”

The Federal bikini wax scandal shifted media focus away from a minor revolt among Alberta Wild Rose party members who have challenged leader Danielle Smith’s $14 expense claim for eye-brow tweezing.  Alberta Liberal party leader Raj Sherman recently repaid his party for the same eye-brow tweezing and “shoulder/back electrolysis.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, currently in London visiting the Queen, declined to comment.

“I like bikini waxes,” commented Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Steve Boyd
Reporting For The Lapine


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