Butterball Donates 10,000 Live Turkeys for Adoption as Christmas Pets


Turkeys-as-Pets-On-Lap-sizedGARNER, NC — For the second Christmas running, Butterball Poultry Corp. has spared the lives of 10,000 female dinner turkeys and placed them in their “forever homes” as household pets.

“Few people realize that turkeys make excellent pets,” said Ron Brenneman, Butterball’s VP Recipe Development.

“They like to cuddle, go for walks, and chase a ball — and, if it doesn’t work out — well….”Turkeys-SizedThe turkeys that went up for adoption this Yuletide were all females (males are aggressive and have flatulence that makes your eyes water), 4 – 5 months of age, and weighed 15 – 25 pounds (6.90210 – 11.4 kilograms). All were spayed, had up-to-date shots, and were partially house trained.

“I love my Lucy,” one turkey pet owner, Brenda Owens of San Francisco, told the L.A. Times.

“She loves to have her tummy rubbed, play Frisbee, and will gobble if a stranger comes to the door.”

Butterball’s Brenneman says the program will continue after Christmas but there are things you should consider before adopting a turkey as your pet:FOObutterball1.jpg– Turkeys eat regular dog kibble but can also eat table scraps, weird bean dip that a guest brought, and dairy products waaaay past their Best Before date

– Turkeys only require one bath or shower per year…they love cream rinse that smells like coconut or mango

– Contrary to myths, turkeys are extremely intelligent and are able to work a basic TV remote control

– Turkeys can be trained to sit, fetch, roll over, and shake a claw

– Your turkey can be toilet-trained and will only urinate and defecate once every 2 weeks…plus the rather gooey turkey poo makes excellent fertilizer for house plants.Turkeys-as-Pets-Sized“These bubbly birds are just waiting for their new families,” summed up Brenneman, shouting over the noise of thousands of turkeys at Butterball’s Gravy River, North Carolina, farm.

To adopt a turkey go to Butterball.com and click on Adopt-a-Turkey.

Or call 1-800-BUTTERBALL and ask for the Adopt-a-Turkey operator.

Sue Dunum
Reporting for The Lapine




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