Canadians Using “Harper” as a Swear Word — “Go Harper Yourself”


MONTREAL — The CBC is reporting today on a growing social media trend for Canadians to use Prime Minister Harper’s name as a cuss word.

“Harper is being used as the new F Bomb,” CBC analyst Claude Perrault told news anchor Peter Mansbridge this morning.

“‘Harper off’ is a big one we’re seeing used alot on Facebook and Twitter. Often in all caps when someone’s really angry…as in ‘HARPER OFF!'”

“Calling someone a ‘Harpering Harper’ to mean either ‘f****** b****’ or ‘f****** c***sucker’ is also trending big for new slang.”


In a social media word search conducted by CBC, the national broadcaster found ‘Harper’ being used as a verb in more than 12% of angry social media messages posted in Canada. (“Man, I just about Harpered my pants.”)

Adjective and noun usages were slightly lower at a 10% and 9% respectively. (“What a Harpering Harper hole.”)

“The Harper-slang trend goes beyond nouns, verbs and adjectives though,” said Perrault.

“The Prime Minister’s name is also being widely used to mean anything sneaky or uncaring or just plain disgusting. Sorry.”


“I Harpered on my income taxes. hahaha.”
“He Harpered that last hole on his golf score card for sure.”
“That punk just hawked a Harper.”
“If a bear Harpers in the woods.”
“Mange ma Harper.” (“Suck my Harper”)

Prime Minister Harper’s spokesman Jason MacDonald reacted angrily to CBC questions about the growing Harper-slang trend.

“That’s f***ing bull****,” he snapped at a Montreal reporter.

Or ‘Harpering bullHarper’ as it is appearing more and more on Facebook and Twitter.

Sue Dunum
Reportering for The Lapine



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