Climate Change Scientist fails Lie Detector Test


In a stunning reversal of established dogma, Richard Hughs a prominent scientist, failed a public lie detector test. The lie detector, generously donated by BP as part of their Enviro-Oil campaign, went off the moment Mr. Hughs sat down next to it.

The senior BP spokesperson running the test waited for the incessant beeping to die down before rephrasing his question. “Global Warming, myth?”

“Bollocks” said Mr. Hughs.

“Ring ring ring” went the lie detector.

“Fuck off Hughs” went most of the invited oilmen in attendance.

“Wait [my science is a lie]” Mr. Hughs yelled back before being shouted down and off the stage by the invited attendees.

The apparent dishonesty of Mr. Hughs, himself compromising 0.000001% of climate change scientists has thrown doubt on the whole process of climate change altogether.

Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada has cited the incident of an example of liberal conspiracies. Saying, quote, “weather isn’t growing more extreme and unpredictable, it’s damn cold outside.”

“It is extremely cold outside,” confirmed Richard Smith of the Fraser institute.


Jimmy Flanagan

Reportering For The Lapine



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