Colorado Marijuana Advocates Feeling Purposeless And Directionless After Legalization


Ashley Thompson used to be one of the Colorado’s leading advocates for marijuana legalization. Now, she isn’t sure what she is. For years she worked balancing her student life with that of a legalization advocate, building up her righteous identity in the face of state tyranny.

“Since we won, well, I dunno, we won I guess” Mrs. Thompson told our reporters.

After her legalization advocation peer group dissolved, she dropped out of college and now does little except, rather ironically, smoking marijuana and walk around aimlessly. “Well, I fill my time now with lots of walking…avenues on even days and streets on odd days, and Sundays I do Cul-de-sacs and Closes and Ways” is how she put it.

“Yeah dude, we were hard for the cause. But once weed went legal we realized we don’t got nothing in common yeah know?” Was how her ex boyfriend explained the deterioration of their five–year relationship.

Unfortunately Ashley Thompson is just one of the thousands of once-purposeful, now directionless, marijuana advocates across Colorado (and Washington) since the limited legalization of marijuana.

Bill O’Reilly has upheld the unfortunate example of Mrs. Thompson as yet another reason marijuana should never have been legalized.

Ashley Timmerson
Reportering For The Lapine



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