Confused Tea Partiers Misread ‘Conservationists’ – Show Up For Environmental Rally


TeaPLocal Montana Conservationists were initially surprised at a larger than expected showing of support at a local environmental rally in Helena, though it quickly became clear that the majority of newcomers were confused Tea Partiers.

Confused Tea Partiers had misread ‘Conservationists’ as ‘Conservatives’ and instantly flocked in mass, leading to a surge in attendance and coverage by Fox News.

This may have been partly exasperated by the fact that most Tea Partiers are stuck at a first grade reading level, making it impossible for them to, for instance, understand the beginning of this sentence. Ex-as-per-ate-d.

After word filtered through the ranks, most Tea Partiers ended up slowly funneling away while others, caught up in the general anti-establishment feel, decided to stay.

“I’m on Unemployment Benefits,” said one, “I don’t have time to do much but protest socialism. And trees or whatever.”

“Well at least the names are similar,” reported another confused Tea Partier.

Conservationists meanwhile, expressed some doubts about their unexpected ‘allies’.

“Look we are a serious cause and not looking to link with any Tea Baggers,” was what one local environmentalist had to say.

Tea Baggers is a term first coined for the Tea Party movement by comedian Bill Maher, and is generally considered derogatory.

Fox news has since retracted their immediate statements of support for the rally and deleted the footage of said rally on their website.

Jim Smith
Reportering For The Lapine



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