Cruz Sends Obama Box of Snow to Prove Global Warming a Lie — It Melts


WASHINGTON — Texas Senator Ted Cruz has stated repeatedly that climate change is a liberal lie and to prove it he filled a cardboard box with snow from outside his D.C. residence and sent it to the White House.

But U.S. security agents were confused when they screened the package and found that the box contained nothing but a leaky plastic bag full of water.

And a hand-written note from the Junior U.S. Senator for the State of Texas.

“Dear Mr. President,
In the Antarctic, ice breakers are stuck. In Greece, they recently had a cold snap that covered the Pyramids with 8 inches of snow. In Thailand, they had a blizzard last week.
And here in America, across the mid-west and up and down the eastern seaboard, we have this, Mr. President.
Snow. Mounds and drifts of snow.
The simple and obvious fact is that global warming is a myth created by environmentalist kooks.
I and all Republicans will continue to speak for what Americans know to be true, Mr. President. There is no such thing as climate change.
The proof is in your hands, Mr. President.
Rafael Edward Cruz
United States Senator
State of Texas”

White House spokesman Jay Carney said the letter was passed along to the President but the cardboard box and contents were not.

“Security poured the snow down the drain,” he told MSNBC.


William Yum
Reportering for The Lapine



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