Delegates at Annual Convention On Famine, Treated to Luxurious Thirteen-Course Meal.


photo-31Kinshasa, The Africa — The annual Convention on Famine, comprised largely of up-and-coming interns was a great boon for the world. It helped the attending interns better communicate amongst themselves, dissembling their selfies, photography and resumes, thus getting a better understanding of their own situation. This valuable networking has already resulted in a deluge of new job offers, professional pride and uncountable new profile pictures.

Citing the importance of their ‘rewarding’ work, the five hundred delegates, mostly from America, went on to share their ideas, and talk about the issues effecting the Interns who are working to end famine in Africa. Topics of concern ranged from job insecurity, low pay and an overall lack of recognition and funding for their valiant efforts.

In an effort to foster goodwill amongst the locals, servers were hired from the local slums nearby.  They were allowed to rent suites and ties at very competitive prices for the evening-long job opportunity of serving the massive meal. The meal consisted of everything from fresh Lobster flown in, to exotic meats such as Rhino and Buffalo. Some of the interns were even able to pose with the dead endangered animals before they were sent to the kitchens. The leavings left over, after the meal, were generously donated to the locals working as waiters and bartenders.

Our valiant reporters interviewed Sandra Smith, one of the interns at the conference. She complained that her university only paid for around half of her travel fees, leaving her hardworking parents to cover the rest. “Like helping The Africa should be free” she said, professing her love of both the continent and of its quaint people. After the interview we were happy to pose for pictures with her and some of the ‘local African’ servers. These pictures, a testament of people working together to accomplish grandstanding conferences, shall be posted soon on the indomitable news site The Lapine.

We can only hope that more such conferences can be held, showing off exotic Africa, building ties between privileged interns and privileged students, and making the world a better place.

Jimmy Jumblestead
Reportering For The Lapine