Duck Dynasty Star Causes New Outrage with Bestiality Comments on FOX News –“Love the Little Animals”


NEW YORK — Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame continued his outspoken ways today with an interview on FOX News where he said homosexual sex is wrong but it is not wrong to have sex with animals.

“The Bible talks about filthy, messy, smelly homosexual sex,” Robertson told FOX News in a free-ranging and often rambling interview in their New York studios.

“But the Bible also says love the animals as if they were my children.”

Robertson was briefly suspended from the hit A&E reality show, Duck Dynasty, after making comments about gay sex, slavery, abortion, 14-year-old girls, the role of women, and people with red hair.

“This is so offensive. Lock up your pets!” said People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) spokesperson Tanya Hamilton.

“This nutcase is actually advocating that it’s just fine to have sex with dogs, cats, hamsters…”

With an audience of over 13 million viewers, Duck Dynasty has become a runaway hit but Robertson has provoked outrage on social media with his more than controversial comments that he claims are Biblically supported.

A&E issued a statement saying they are reviewing the FOX News interview and Robertson’s comments about bestiality.

“But the Bible says that other men’s anuses are off limits,” Robertson clarified at one point in the FOX interview.

Debbie Peterson
Reportering for The Lapine



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