Ex-President Bush Finishes Reading First Book


CRAWFORD, TX — George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, proudly announced today that he has finished reading his first book and, surprisingly, it’s not the bible.

“All my friends was buggin’ me for not bein intellectualish, so I found the top-rated book of fictional science (Science Fiction) and damned if I didn’t read it,” Bush told the Dallas Morning News.

Bush’s proud first book, New Ankerge, has been critically acclaimed by notable media outlets such as The Lapine.

“Lots of it went right over my Texan head, but I really liked…umm…that one guy Gabriel.  One cool dude,” Bush said before riding off on his favorite horse Newcuelur.


Gabriel Givonetti is one of the major characters of the brilliant novel and the leader of the bold expedition that the story follows. His hope is to create a profitable mining settlement on a remote world but things do not go as planned.  Among the themes explored in the novel are racism, identity, colonialism, and ideology, making for a thought-provoking work….a work that has only recently become available on Amazon in both e-book and paperback.

Spectacular novel!  Hell of a read!  And I usually think Sci Fi sucks arse,” reported Steve Boyd, a friend of the author.

Best book I ever read…and I got an autographed copy,” reported the author’s brother.

“Lovely mosh of bravado and futuristic tallyho indeed,” said renowned London Times literary critic Findlay Wordingham Ascot III, a bit of a twit.

If anything can be taken from George Bush’s first reading choice, it’s that one should certainly buy the novel New Ankerge (by clicking this link).

“Better than comics by far…or even the bible,” George W. Bush confirmed to stunned reporters.

It is widely speculated that Mr. Bush has actually only listened to the bible on audio tape.

Ryan Cresswell
Unbiased Author of New Ankerge
Founder and Co-Owner of The Lapine



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