Facebook is Photoshopping Your Posted Pictures


NEW YORK — It seems that some of the photos you and your friends post on Facebook are a bit…umm…unattractive.

So Facebook has been using an automated form of Photoshop to make people look “more beautiful” according to a report in the New York Times.

“No more bulbous noses in Facebook shots,” said reporter Anne Wilkins in today’s article.

“Facebook has been straightening teeth, getting rid of skin blotches, and taking 20 pounds off overweight people in posted photos for over a year now.”

“Why? Their logic is that if you think you look damn fine on Facebook, you’re a happy Liker.”

Using data-mining key words such as “fat”, “ugly”, and “uni-brow”, Facebook’s internal search engine identifies photos that meet the social media company’s criteria and then the auto-photoshop program does the rest.

It is estimated that Facebook “enhances” up to 10,000 photos a day.

“And while some people may be flattered by the photo manipulation changes, many find it an invasion of privacy and insulting,” wrote Wilkins.

“Many people think it’s Facebook saying ‘Whoa, now that is ugggly‘ and several lawsuits are reportedly being filed.”

One Manhattan man that reporter Wilkins referred to only as Dan said he is considering taking legal action after discovering that his vacation pictures from a trip to the Epcot Center had been altered.

“I’ve got a mole the size of a dime on my chin,” said Dan.

“And they erased it. They had no right! I love that mole. He’s a part of me”

Facebook did not respond to the New York Times’ requests for comment.

William Yum
Reportering for The Lapine



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