Facebook Warning Users to Watch for Subtle Signs Photos May be Faked



MENLO PARK, CA — Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg today posted an advisory to his 1.6 billion users that some pictures that appear on Facebook may be altered.

“Facebook users trust what they see and read here,” said Zuckerberg to media gathered for a hastily-called announcement.

“And we trust them to post no fibs, no exaggerations, no doctored photos.”

“But we’ve noticed a few faked pictures recently that many of our users may not recognize as having been sneakily changed.”

“Look for clues like famous people appearing to be oddly aroused by the homely person they’ve just met… heads too big or too small for the body they’re on…Jesus on toast…those sorts of things,” said Zuckerberg.


“Sadly, two more faked pictures appeared even today so we are warning every one of our users to take a moment and ask themselves, “Are those mammoth breasts real? Does that porky-faced man really have a six pack?”

The move by Facebook cautioning users to look for barely noticeable signs that a picture has been altered comes just days after a photo of Pope Francis with an erection happening under his cassock went viral and was picked up by major news outlets.

“If you’re not sure or if you find a picture that goes against anything at all that you believe in, share it with your friends and get their opinions.”

“And if you see that picture of a Grizzly bear letting an adorable, abandoned puppy breast-feed…just take a moment and ask yourself if someone might have photoshopped it.”

Lee Whey
Reportering for The Lapine



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