Final Roll Up the Rim to be Replaced With New Scratch-and-Win Bingo Cups



OAKVILLE, ONT. — Roll Up the Rim to Win is back across Canada but this is your last chance to play the wildly popular coffee game as Burger King announced today that they will replace it with a scratch-and-win Bingo game on every cup.

And Canadians aren’t impressed.

“Roll Up the Rim has become kind of corny frankly,” Burger King CEO Daniel S. Schwartz told media in announcing this will be the final contest.

“It was fun for Canadians while it lasted but, really, it’s time for something more with it…more exciting.”

“Millions of Americans love Burger King Bingo and Canadians will be scratching their Timmies coffee cups with a coin before you know it.”

Roll Up the Rim began at Tim Hortons in 1986 with prizes of Timbits snack packs, and went on to have more than 580 million winners during its 29-year life. Famous among Canadians for its rolling ‘R’ pronunciation, the game made front pages worldwide in 2009 when visiting U.S. President Barack Obama rolled up his rim and won a Toyota Camry.


Canadians are not reacting well as news of the Burger King announcement hit the streets with some customers in Toronto suggesting online protests and boycotting the burger chain.

“Mess with Roll Up the Rim and you mess with me you jackasses,” said one man eating a donut he’d just won at a downtown Tim Hortons.

“One of the most popular games ever in Canada and they’re killing it for fucking…sorry…bloody Bingo? And I’ll have to scratch that silver shit off my cup of hot coffee? They haven’t seen Canadians mad obviously.”

The Toronto Star is reporting that Burger King’s Roll Up the Win website ( has been flooded with angry messages and the site briefly went offline within hours of the announcement.

The last Roll Up the Rim will run until April 2nd or until Tim Hortons and Burger King contest cups run out.

Robin Steele
Reportering for The Lapine




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