Florida Woman Arrested For Throwing Her Panties at Trudeau



OTTAWA — A 24-year-old tourist visiting Parliament Hill was detained by RCMP today after she reportedly tugged off her blue jeans, wiggled out of her Spanx underwear, and threw them towards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Ottawa Citizen reported that the plum-coloured under garment landed on Trudeau’s left shoulder before being quickly removed by an aide.

Onlookers told CTV that the woman was shouting “Justin, Justin” and “You’re soooo cute” as Trudeau walked by towards the West Block before she shimmied out of her pants and “flung her frillies” at the PM.

trudeau-woman-jump-sized(Photo: R Jeanette Martin)

“We did not have this problem with Stephen Harper,” said RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson as he made an appeal for women and gay men to stop tossing their underwear at the new PM.

“There have been more than 50 cases of panty lobbing at Mr. Trudeau since he took office and we’re trying to nip this in the bud before it becomes a thing…if it hasn’t already.”

“To deter other potential underwear hurlers, we have this afternoon charged Ms. Jessica Ashley Murray of Orlando, Florida, with public nudity, creating a disturbance, and littering.”

“She also mooned an officer during her arrest but heck that was just plain funny and we’ve decided to let that one slide.”


Trudeau (43) has been receiving international attention not only for his more progressive policies and immediate quashing of many Stephen Harper policies but also for his youthful physical appearance that is considered a departure from the older, white men with varying sizes of pot bellies who have traditionally been political leaders.

The New York Times editorial page last week referred to Trudeau as a “Humma Humma Hunk of a Politician” and social media has tagged him as a PMILF.


Murray is reportedly surprised by her own actions but told the Orlando Sentinel newspaper this afternoon that she hopes she can get her panties returned as a souvenir of her time in Canada.

“Ms. Murray has been released but her Spanx are being retained as evidence at this point,” said Paulson.

Trudeau spokesperson Sonja Sapra said the Prime Minister was aware of the panty toss at the time but believed it to be a brassiere when it landed on his shoulder.

“We discourage the throwing of underwear at anybody. This is 2015,” said Sapra.

Sue Dunum
Reportering for The Lapine




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