Former PM Chretien (82) Says He Loves Medical Marijuana With Breakfast…and Sometimes Dinner



OTTAWA — Jean Chretien actually giggled when he showed his personal baggie of pot to reporters today as he called for the immediate end of arrests for possession of marijuana.

“Hahaha. Yes, yes. For 50 years, I had céréales Cheerios every morning but you know dat gets boring,” said a grinning Chretien.

“But de Prime Minister Trudeau has used dis marijuana and told me dat I have to, you know, move with de times so now I just mush dis marijuana up with a banane…banana…and den watch some TV.”

“It doesn’t matter what I watch…any show makes me laugh after breakfast now.”


“You know, I got dis…dis pot — as young people call it — at a marijuana store,” said Chretien as he fished in his suit pants pocket and brought out a small baggie of what looked to reporters like marijuana.

“I had no doctor’s prescription or nutting like dat. I just told dis young guy behind the counter dat I tink I have some digestive gas some times you know and dat some nights dat maybe keeps me awake.”

“I left dat store with marijuana and taut I might get arrested…you know, I was a bit hoping I would get arrested. Da headlines would have made people tink about dis — Creaky 82-Year-Old Jean Chretien Has Gas and Faces de Jail Time for Illegal Pot,” laughed Chretien, PM from 1993 to 2003.justin-pot-papers-Sized

Chretien made the admission that he eats a fair bit of pot following recent requests from police chiefs across the country urging the Liberal government to give them direction on whether to continue arresting people for “having a joint in their jeans.”

A CBC report aired earlier this week showed wide differences in how police forces are dealing with the coming legalization of marijuana. According to the report, Canadians caught with marijuana are up to 10 times more likely to be arrested in Calgary or Regina than they are in Toronto or Vancouver.

Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin has repeatedly stated that he strongly opposes “the stupid legalization of Mary Jane” and has instructed his officers to “haul in anyone who even smells of pot”.Chretien-Waterskiing-Sized

“Dis is stupid det anybody is getting arrested when marijuana will be as legal as biere in a year.”

“As long as I don’t drive after my morning banane…banana…what is de harm? I get a bit you know silly and den maybe eat some salty snacks and dat is dat.”

“Nobody should be arrested just because dey buy pot for dis digestive gas. Hahaha.”

Sue Dunum
Reportering for The Lapine




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