Fukushima Glow Sticks Go Viral


10151224_10201570436773314_476796381_n TOKYO — The company that is on the hook for billions of yen for the mismanagement of the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster began quietly marketing glow sticks to consumers in Japan this week.

The “Fuku Brilliant Light Wands” appeared in stores with only a simple display sign but are priced at about half of similar products on the market. In a small corner of the packaging it reads “Produced in Japan by the Tokyo Electric Power Company.”

“The Fuku Wands are honorable fun for all ages,” said Hoshimasa Yashi, Vice President of Finance.

“We thank all for supporting the recovery at the nuclear power plant.”
Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) is the company that operated the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant during the March, 2011, meltdown caused by the Toheke earthquake and tsunami it triggered. The plant has since been taken over by the Japanese Diet (government) but Tepco is on the hook for billions of yen.

Fuku Brilliant Wands are now on sale at Walmart.

Sue Dunum.
Reporting for The Lapine.

Dan LeHomme
Reportering for The Lapine



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