GOP resurrects Early 2000s Hillary Clinton To Fight Against Gay Rights


The GOP is utilizing a new strategy to oppose Gay Marriage and has turned to Early 2000s Hillary Clinton as the only figure with enough charisma to oppose Current Hillary Clinton’s drive for Gay rights and Gay Marriage.

Appearing on Fox News and before the House of Representatives, Early 2000s Hillary Clinton argues passionately for the defense of Marriage, with claims that children cannot be properly socialized under gay couples and that marriage itself is a sacred tradition stretching back into the mists of time.

In opposition to her, Current Hillary Clinton who has supported Gay Marriage since it has become broadly popular and a cause celebre among progressive politicians, has argued for the universality of human rights and the rights of the LGBT community.

The Lapine has inexpertly put together a collection of clips showing early 2000s Hillary Clinton and Current Hillary Clinton’s oppositional rhetoric. Will the republican party be able to harness the charisma of Early 2000s Hilary to roll back the gains the LGBT community has made? Only time will tell.



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