Harper declares hundreds of voting stations potential “terrorist hot-spots”


Harper-terror-hot-spots-sizedOttawa – In a follow-up to Sunday’s announcement that Stephen Harper would ban travel to some global conflict zones, the Conservative Party leader today identified 954 Canadian voting stations as “places where terrorists will be bloody everywhere.”

“Let’s be clear.  You should be terrified. Voting stations are terrifyingly terrifying,” said Harper flanked by rows and rows of Canadian flags.

“We have all seen that places where people cast their ballots are ground zero for terrorist activity,” continued Harper in a speech to supporters on Parliament Hill, making reference to the recent coup d’etat in ‘Albertastan’.


“Institutions that took decades to build were toppled this May. It was an affront to democracy that I simply cannot ignore.”

“There are people – at this very moment – literally going door to door recruiting Canadians to bring down governments and take away the freedoms I am defending here. I can’t say it enough — it’s terrifying.”

“That’s the reason I will enforce this patriotic policy that is now being used in other countries including Australia where you can get 10 years in jail to think about what you might have done.


In making today’s security announcement, Harper also took direct aim at Tom Mulcair, accusing the NDP leader of visiting troubled areas and encouraging radicalization.

“If the leader of the NDP cared enough about security and democracy to forego campaigning in these high-risk communities, we might never have needed to take these steps,” said Harper, finger-pointing for emphasis.

In response to Harper’s announcement, Justin Trudeau told the Ottawa Citizen that the Liberal Party would “strike a balanced approach” and committed to re-examine which polling stations and demographics should be blocked if he were to form government.

John Wimberly
Reportering for Lapine




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