Harper Hip Hop Music Video Turned Down By SNL


OTTAWA -Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent in a music video of himself performing a hip hop version of “My Way” to Saturday Night Live (SNL) with a request to be the show’s musical guest but the demo was rejected according to industry leaks.

“I can confirm that we did receive a tape of Mr. Harper playing a mouth organ and shakin’ his Prime Ministerial biscuits but really have no further comment,” said Canadian-born SNL Executive Producer Lorne Michaels.

SNL sources say the demo showed Harper wearing low-rise jeans with a lot of boxer shorts showing, a Michael Buble t-shirt, and plenty of bling.

“The man’s not a small human being but he sure had the rump roast action goin’ on,” said the SNL sound editor who asked not to be named. “The tape came with a letter suggesting he be our musical guest, and it was on this official letterhead with a foil crest and everything. He signed it “Leader Dr. Stever”…now that’s funny.”
Harper has sang, played piano, and strummed a banjo several times since winning a majority government, belting out tunes by the Beatles, Nickleback and Anne Murray for party supporters.

In the submitted SNL video, he apparently chose Canadian song writer Paul Anka’s “My Way”, rapping the words “I did it…I did it…I did it my way” over and over. The original version was a platinum hit for Frank Sinatra.

“This is a political slap in the face aimed at the Idle No More Movement,” said Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau.

“He did it his way? Regrets? He’ll have a few.”
The Prime Minister’s office refused to comment other than to say that “The Prime Minister, like millions of Canadians, isn’t idle in his love of music. He sings and plays accordian in his Church choir and enjoys a good karoak-eh*.”
The video appeared briefly on YouTube but was pulled down within hours of its posting. Any readers who captured the nearly 3-minute performance are asked to forward it to thelapine.ca (click on ireporter), theglobeandmail.com, or cbc.ca/television.

Robin Steele
Reporting for The Lapine
*”karoak-eh” is the Canadian spelling of “karoake”



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