Harper Replaces the Nickel’s Beaver with a Majestic Eagle



Stephen Harper today announced from the lobby of the Canadian Mint that the Canadian nickel would receive a dramatic overhaul early this year.

Flanked by The Governor of the Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz and Minister of Finance Joe Oliver, Harper told the press conference that the beaver design which dates back to 1937, “no longer accurately represents Canadian heritage and will be replaced with a majestic eagle”.

“All Canadians should be excited for the coin to enter circulation” Joe Oliver added. “From seas to shining sea this redesigned coin will redefine these united provinces with a symbol of strength, power and authority”.

From Calgary to Fort Mac Murray oilmen celebrated the news. “With this announcement Stephen Harper asserts that Canada truly is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  We celebrate this decision with the proudest cheers and applause” they said in reaction to the news. “All Canadians should be proud to have the emblem of the brave and true embossed upon our coins.

Over the last year the group tasked with redesigning the coin polled American tourists about their opinion of the current nickel and found that most respondents thought of the beaver as weak French animal and that the eagle evoked feelings of nationalism and pride.

“Canadians will save one cent per nickel”. Bank Govenor Poloz said when questioned about cost to Canadian taxpayers.  “The new nickels will be minted at the US Mint in Philadelphia and we will be reducing the number of staff at the mint in Winnipeg. “

Moe Hunter
Reportering For The Lapine



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