Harper Says 5% Tax on Tampons the Same as on Toilet Paper


Tampons-SizedOTTAWA — Canadian women are just discovering that tampons and sanitary pads are considered “luxury items” by the Harper Government that collected exactly $36,398,387 in GST on these items in 2014.

And women are now fuming that Harper is downplaying this tax on menstruation products that was buried in a previous budget.

“Look. There’s GST on toilet paper. What’s the difference?” Harper told an Ottawa Citizen reporter this morning when asked about the tax that impacts only women.

“A few dollars every month is no big bloody deal really…this is an uproar over one very small part of a complex and fair tax system that most women do not understand.”


“But Canadian women should rest assured that I am always listening and I will review the tax on tampons during my next term in office.”

Despite an NDP bill to kill the tampon tax immediately, a national petition signed by more than 250,000 men and women, and the growing grassroots Twitter campaign #notaxontampons, Prime Minister Harper today refused to answer media questions about GST exemptions for Viagra or Preparation H Hemorrhoid Relief for Itching and Swelling.


“I wish Mr. Harper menstruated,” NDP MP Irene Mathyssen told CTV in response to the Prime Minister’s comments.

“He would see that tampons aren’t a luxury item. Period.”

Mathyssen’s bill to end the tax on tampons has gained support from some Liberals, Green Party leader Elizabeth May, and one Conservative MP backbencher who asked to remain anonymous. The bill is not expected to make it to a vote in Parliament with the majority Conservatives focused on passing bills requiring 2 pieces of photo I.D. for the coming election and allowing oil fracking in Banff National Park.

Federal statistics show that 17,876,392 Canadian women purchased $519,976,963 worth of “cylindrical masses of absorbent material often used as a feminine hygiene product” in 2014.

”Check your next grocery or drug store bill,” read a tweet from @halifaxmother.

“You’re paying GST on tampons but not on Pizza Pops. WTF?”

Robin Steele
Reportering for The Lapine



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