Harper Sends Netanyahu One of Canada’s Pandas as Congratulations for Election Win


OTTAWA — One of Canada’s two giant panda bears is on a flight to Tel Aviv today as a gift from Prime Minister Stephen Harper to his close ally and friend Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu.

The controversial gift comes after Netanyahu won the Israel balloting and was re-elected as Israel’s Prime Minister. He is reportedly thrilled by the gesture from his ‘BFF’.

“I was in the shower this morning trying to figure out what the heck do I give to the leader who has everything,” Harper told reporters earlier today.

“And then it struck me in a flash…an endangered animal!”

“Yeah, yeah. Technically the pandas aren’t mine but I’m sure the Chinese government will see what a perfect gift idea this is.”


Reporters were taken by surprise by Harper’s announcement and calls to the Toronto Zoo confirmed that female panda Er Shun was being woken from her sleep to be crated for the trip to Isreal. The 6-year-old, nearly 100 kilogram (220 pound) Er Shun was recently thought to be pregnant but tests have since shown that artificial insemnation was not successful and Harper’s latest spokesman Rob Nicol said she is “fit as a fiddle and makes a great gift”.

Er Shun and male panda, Da Mao, were leant to Canada by China on March 25, 2013, for a 10-year period to be split between the Toronto Zoo and Calgary Zoo. The pair are among only 49 giant pandas on loan to 13 countries around the world and Harper has been criticized in the past for using the pandas for political purposes, including once taking the two to a church supper.

“There was no time to poll Canadians but I’m sure the majority will support me giving one of our two pandas to Prime Minister Netanyahu,” said Harper.

“I mean, we’ve still got one left.”

Robin Steele
Reportering for The Lapine



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