Harper Texts Obama to Remind Him It’s His Birthday Today


Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.55.11 AMOTTAWA — At a 56-gun salute on Parliament Hill this morning to celebrate Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s birthday, an intern let it slip that the PM had sent President Obama several text messages and a Facebook “Poke” to be sure he would send a warm message or a gift.

“No. President Obama has not responded yet,” said the Carlton University student currently working in the PM’s office on an unpaid internship.

“Last year, Mr. Obama said he forgot Mr. Harper’s birthday so the PM decided this year to give him a nudging reminder as top world leaders often do for each other.”


“Prime Minister Harper told all of the interns late last night that he wouldn’t be surprised if the President just jumped on Air Force One and made a surprise birthday visit…he said he was that tight with President Obama.”

Celebrations for Harper’s birthday today include TV ads during the Calgary Flames NHL playoff game featuring Harper singing Happy Birthday to himself, a ceremony to rename Ottawa’s Rideau Canal as Harper Canal, and children across the country starting their school day by singing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”.

“I can tell Canadians that their Prime Minister is positively chuffed at the thousands and thousands of birthday cards they have sent,” Minister of Finance Joe Oliver said on radio station Jack FM earlier today.


“It’s very moving to see the outpouring of admiration we all have for the Honourable Prime Minister Harper…and to know that none of us will be killed in our sleep by terrorists on his watch.”

The Globe and Mail reported yesterday that the Prime Minister’s Office had mailed out more than 40,000 easy-to-use Harper birthday cards for Canadian voters to just sign, add postage, and mail back to Mr. Harper.

The PM’s Chief Spokesman Rob Nicol denied these reports despite the Globe publishing pictures on their front page.

UPDATE: The Ottawa Citizen is reporting online that the unpaid intern who spoke to media this morning has been fired by Prime Minister Harper but has been allowed to keep his Team Harper t-shirt.

Lee Whey
Reportering for The Lapine



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