Harper Thanks Military and Veterans With Tim Hortons Donut Coupons


OTTAWA — Canada’s veterans and military members received an emotional gift today when Prime Minister Stephen Harper thanked each of them with a coupon for a Tim Hortons donut with the purchase of any large coffee.

“Today, I am proud to give this small gift to prove I support our brave troops past and present,” said Harper, his voice cracking with emotion several times for the cameras during Remembrance Day ceremonies at the National War Memorial.

“I walk the talk by taking good care of our troops.”

“And I am committed that Canada will fight bad guys wherever they are…abroad or right down the street here at home.”

“And as your leader, I am moved nearly to tears to see more and more proud young Canadians supporting my vision by taking up a rewarding career in Canada’s armed forces.”


The gift of a “deep-fried ring of dough” was met with a harsh reaction by most military and veterans in attendance, many citing the Harper government’s moves to cut veterans’ benefits, shut down federal support offices, shrink mental health programs, and recently to reduce the amount paid to combat troops wounded in action, a matter now before the courts.

“I went to war and all I got was this lousy donut? Ptooo!” said a retired member of the Van Doos, Quebec’s famed and respected Royal 22nd Regiment.

Following the sombre Remembrance Day ceremonies, members of veterans’ groups flatly refused Mr. Harper’s invitation to pose for media photographs.

“Many veterans just couldn’t stay to be photographed with the Prime Minister…they were eager and excited to go and get their free donut,” explained the PM’s Chief Spokesman Jason MacDonald about the blunt refusals.

“It was a very touching gesture by our Prime Minister.”

Robin Steele
Reportering for The Lapine



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