Harper Wows Debate in Sears New Fall Collection Suit



CALGARY — Viewers were confused at the start of the leaders’ debate when Prime Minister Stephen Harper strode onto the stage, flung open his suit jacket, and thrust out one hip to pose for the cameras.

But the bizarre fashion strut to model the new Sears line of suits seems to have paid off as the most frequent comment from voters in post-debate polls was that Mr. Harper looked “way more Prime Minister-ish” than either Justin Trudeau or Thomas Mulcair.

“Did you see the look on Trudeau’s face when Harper made a pouty face for the cameras and ran his fingers through his hair?” wrote political columnist Andrew Coyne in today’s National Post.


“That made my night! And then…I love this…Trudeau reacted to Harper stealing the show by starting to fluff up a handkerchief pocket poof but realized the debate was live and dropped that hanky like it was on fire.”

Mr. Harper clearly made up a lot of stuff about the economy once the debate started but damn he looked smashing in that Sears fuller-figure suit,” said Coyne.

“And the robin’s egg blue silk was a stroke of leadership genius.”

Mulcair-Globe-Debate-O-Face-SizedPolls conducted immediately following the debate on the economy showed that next to nobody watched the three angry men argue and, as anticipated, each party’s supporters thought their leader won hands down.

But both Ipsos and Nanos researchers say that voters across the board overwhelmingly selected Mr. Harper as “Best Dressed” and Thomas Mulcair as “Miss Congeniality”.

Trudeau-Globe-Debate-Sized“The take-away from the debate is that voters are still split on whether the economy is in good hands with Mr. Harper or if he has royally cocked it up,” said Arlene Strom of Nanos.

“But without a doubt Sears scored a major marketing coup here by convincing Prime Minister Harper to model one of their affordable new suits.”

“Voters really got into Harper working it like he was on a fashion show runway.”

Robin Steele
Reportering for The Lapine




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