Harper’s Baggage “Lost” on WestJet Flight Home to Calgary



CALGARY — Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper took his first flight on a domestic airline in nearly a decade today but unfortunately his luggage didn’t make it onto the plane.

“Mr. Harper did have a lot of baggage when he left Ottawa,” WestJet President Gregg Saretsky acknowledged to all-talk radio station CHQR earlier today.

“But he did not have any baggage when he arrived in Calgary.”


“I have apologized to Prime Minis…Mr. Harper for the inconvenience that appears to have come about after he objected to the $25 fee per checked bag that he felt he should not have to pay.”

“Our Ottawa customer service staff followed procedure after Mr. Harper refused to pay for his 14 suitcases and file boxes and walked away with his boarding pass — leaving his luggage in a pile by the check-in counter.”

“To be clear, Mr. Harper’s baggage was not lost contrary to some reports. Mr. Harper’s baggage correctly remained in Ottawa.”


Following his formal resignation as Prime Minister on Wednesday, Harper no longer has access to the government jet he has used for all travel since taking office. He must now pay personally for commercial airline tickets and reportedly flew economy on a full flight from YOW to YYC in a middle seat in row 22.


“Mr. Harper was also unaware that complimentary meals are no longer served on flights but our stewards provided him with a free turkey bunwich after he indicated he does not have a credit card as he has not needed one since 2006,” said Saretsky.


Former Minister of National Defence and party non-interim leadership hopeful Jason Kenney who last week referred to Harper as a “knob”, told CBC that he and a group of like-minded Canadians have stepped up and paid the WestJet fee for his former boss.

“We’re glad to help him get moved back into his old bungalow in Calgary,” said a grinning Kenney.

“But look — I don’t want anything more to do with Harper’s baggage after today.”

WestJet has confirmed that Harper’s baggage will leave Ottawa and arrive in Calgary later today.

Robin Steele
Reportering for The Lapine




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