Harper’s Closet Converted into Small Private Lounge


Harper-Closet-Now-Washroom-Sized-Slightly-SmallerOTTAWA — The tiny mop room that Prime Minister Stephen Harper retreated to during last October’s tragic shooting on Parliament Hill is no longer open to picture-snapping tourists on guided tours.

The approximately 2-metre by 3-metre janitor’s space that previously held brooms, buckets, Pine-Sol, and Lemon Pledge is now a personal lounge for Mr. Harper, complete with a kitchenette, nap sofa, and high speed internet.Harper-Closet-SizedReporters were shown the renovated former janitor’s closet this morning by Minister of National Defence Jason Kenney who oversaw the $90,000 project but declined comment on the high-tech security and escape elevator reportedly built into the small room. 

“The safety and comfort of Prime Minister Harper is vitally important to all Canadian voters,” said Kenney.

“The ‘H’ on the door was my idea.”

Dan LeHomme
Reportering for The Lapine



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