India PM Modi Very Concerned Over NFL “Squishy Balls”



NEW DELHI — High-level talks on nuclear agreements and increasing bi-lateral trade were set aside today after India’s Prime Minister pressed President Obama for action on the New England Patriots’ soft balls.

“The people of India have many questions and concerns about the NFL’s balls,” a spokesman for Modi told CNN.

“Are they sometimes squishy? Who made them squishy? Does the President condone squishy balls?”

“We do not like to talk about America’s balls but we must.”

“These are pressing questions playing on the minds of all Indians.”


President Obama was greeted on the tarmac upon his arrival by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who could be seen whispering in the president’s ear as the two leaders exchanged warm hugs. International news agency Reuters posted video of the exchange where Modi can clearly be heard saying “balls” three times.

White House Spokesman Josh Earnest acknowledged that the Indian leader had raised the issue of the New England Patriots “squishy” balls but denied that the scandal has become a growing international issue.

“Yes, the President and Prime Minister Modi did talk about the recent so-called “deflatagate” but, to be fair, they also talked about other squishy things,” said Earnest.

Lee Whey
Reportering for The Lapine



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