Jesus Still Doesn’t Appear on Mississippi Man’s Toast



JACKSON, MS — As yet another two slices of evenly-browned toast pop up, 46-year-old Stanley (Stan) Nault studies them carefully and then tosses them in the garbage can with the dozens of others.

The toasted Wonderbread had no images of Jesus.

He’s disappointed but even after three years of trying he’s not giving up.

“I’ve been so close a few times,” self-employed Nault told the Jackson Free Press today.

“I had one burnt bit last year that sure looked like the devil but I put it down the garburator…scared the bejesus out of me.”

Nault says he became convinced he was going to be visited by Jesus on toast in 2011 after reading about a Texas man who sold a slice of multi-grain with a crumby image of Jesus holding two fish for $32,000.

“I know Jesus also likes to appear on burritos but they give me gas,” said Nault explaining his commitment to toast as he opened a new bag of bread.


“I’ll just stick to toast.”

With tens of thousands of images of Jesus, Allah, Buddha and Elvis reported every year on toast, cinnamon buns, pepperoni slices and in the scrapings at the bottom of Nutella jars, Nault is not alone in his unusual hobby. Dozens of social media sites now document the appearance of images with thousands of postings every day mostly from the U.S. southern Bible Belt.

The popularity of the hobby caught the eye of toaster manufacturing company Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation ( to order) that now sells more than 10,000 Jesus Toasters a year. The custom toasters pop up perfect images of Jesus for $75 plus shipping and handling and can also be adapted to toast selfies for atheists.

Nault says he goes through “50 or so loaves a week” in his pursuit of Jesus toast.

“I only buy day-old bread though…no disrespect Jesus but it’s way cheaper,” he said.

“And I don’t even like toast.”

Robin Steele
Reportering for The Lapine



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