Jian Gnomeshi’s Lawyer Quits After Sexual Harassment


Alleging sexual harassment, Jian Gnomeshi’s female lawyer has dropped her high profile client. Claiming that her client has made representing him, “a humiliating experience, worth no amount of money”.

Facing several charges of sexual misconduct, the latest case will only make fighting them harder.

In the words of his ex-lawyer, “obviously I knew he was guilty but then he started grab assing me too. Like c’mon buddy, do you want to go to prison?”

Despite having attempted to put in place clear lines of professional conduct after his first pass three days into their working relationship, she claims that his conduct was only getting worse.

“I was paying her, I thought that meant it was all on the table…” Is what an seemingly abashed Jian told our valiant reporters.

Gnomeshi is currently seeking new legal representation that is “sexy…but in a professional way.”

Rian Rumpleton
Reportering For The Lapine