Joe Fresh’s Factory Collapse Inconveniences Canadian Fashion Shoppers


DHAKA – Canadian company Joe Fresh’s factory in Bangladesh collapsed, leaving the company scrambling to find new workers to replace those that had been lost. The company pleaded with customers impatient at new product line delays to sympathize with the company’s plight. At a press conference, a Joe Fresh spokesperson tried to explain the company’s problems to irate customers. “Yesterday we lost over eighty experienced Bangladeshi workers and are still struggling to find replacements. Until the replacements are hired we will struggle to meet our production quotas. To many shoppers, this explanation is not enough. “I had no idea of how big a tragedy this is,” said one Marie LaTourneya, wearing a licorice swirl spring top and faded plum corduroys. “They should have had temporary foreign workers standing by as backup for the spring line.”

According to reports, one Canadian was almost harmed in the tragedy. Luckily however, the company’s policy of outsourcing all workers and building standards to third world countries prevented this with the one Canadian supervisor on site apparently outside when the collapse occurred. Nevertheless it is these lower standards that many are blaming for the collapse and intolerable ordering and shipping delays expected to follow.

For all those sheltered consumers who do not think that this tragedy affects them, they may not be aware the Company’s clothes are sold in the food stores all across Canada that we all go to such as Loblaws and Superstore. The Lapine can only hope that Joe Fresh can find replacements in worker and in machinery to hit full production again soon. Though we also hope that Joe Fresh can implement future policies that will prevent this from reoccurring.

Carl Welsensry

Reportering For The Lapine



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