Justin Bieber Flees to Dressing Room as Don Cherry “Rips Him a Couple of New Ones” on TV Roast


Don-Cherry-Justin-Bieber-SizedNEW YORK — Comedy Central revealed today that bombastic Hockey Night in Canada co-host Don Cherry “went a bit waka-waka berserk on Justin Bieber” in taping for the televised Bieber Roast.

“Don Cherry was our secret roasting guest, and man that guy might actually be insane,” said executive producer Lily Waters.

“He went on an epic rant and Justin Bieber left the stage…and refused to come out of his dressing room until Cherry was done.”


“Cherry wore a suit that had like hundreds of cartoons of Justin Bieber in diapers…ugly suit but damned funny.”

“When Cherry acted all sincere and said he’s really hoping both of Bieber’s little balls eventually drop…well shit…we were all dying.”


“Justin Bieber didn’t know Mr. Cherry was invited. We were worried he might not have shown up if he knew.”

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