Kay Robertson Kicks Out Duck Dynasty Hubby Over Spoof Video about 14-Year-Old Girls


BATON ROUGE, LA — A satirical video circulating on YouTube that shows an actor reading quotes from Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson recommending 14-year-old girls to older men has gotten the bearded celebrity tossed out by his wife of 47 years.

“The Bible does not say it’s okay for deaf, hairy old men to go and get themselves a 14-year-old female,” Kay Robertson told The Baton Rouge Advocate and WBRZ Channel 2 (ABC) today.

“Phil made that one up.”

Kay (63) says she packed up Phil’s camo khakis and told him to move out until he takes back his statements on young females being ideal for older men.

She and Phil have been together since she herself was 14. “He flirted me up a few days after my birthday party and I’ve loved him ever since,” she said recently in a People Magazine interview.

“Look, I know that’s not Phil in that fake video but as sure as the Book of Revelation those are Phil’s words. He went too far this time”

Phil Robertson has been widely covered in the media recently for his fundamentalist views on “homosexualers”, slavery, women’s right to vote, margarine versus real butter, and the devil.

“Phil can talk about what the Bible says about men doing anal sex up each other. He can talk about God’s view on slavery and all those un-white folks. Biblical views on midgets and other odd bods? All fine by me,” Kay said to reporters via Skype.

“But it’s blasphemy to misquote God’s Book. And it’s just dirty talk to suggest going out and getting yourself a 14-year-old.”

The author of best selling cookbook, “Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen” (Simon & Schuster), Kay said she is done with the Duck Dynasty empire unless her husband Phil takes back his “dating advice” for men.

“He’s maybe tasted my Crawfish Balls (Page 114 hardcover, page 89 paperback) for the last time.”

Sue Dunum
Reportering for the Lapine



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