KFC Admits One Piece in Every Bucket Has No Meat — UPDATE


Louisville KY — Following an early morning admission that the backbone piece in a 9-bucket contains “absolutely no meat,” KFC owning company Yum! Brands Corporation has issued a retraction.

“All original recipe pieces and Popcorn bits contain chicken meat,” read the hastily issued revision.

“Some pieces do have more meat than others.”

The earlier admission from KFC came about after Los Angeles customer Doyle Bergin posted a picture on Instagram of bones, skin and a small circle of grease. The photo went viral.

“There was no meat on those bones,” Bergin said in his posted message.

“It smelled good but I didn’t pay for a bucket of smells.”

KFC, originally named Kentucky Fried Chicken, was started in 1952 by Colonel Harland Sanders, who was a strict vegetarian. He sold the company in 1964 and KFC has since grown to become the #2 fast food chain in China and parts of Brooklyn, NY.

“The KFC food experience is really just all about the taste of our 11 secret herbs and spices. But there is meat on the backbone…really,” Yums! VP of Sales Doyle Carter told the Courier-Journal newspaper.

Consumers hit the net with most comments expressing extreme disappointment and rage every time they’ve mistakenly reached into the bucket and pulled out the backbone, which most regular KFC customers know is just bone and gristle.

“People need to understand that breasts are meatier than backs,” said Yum! VP Carter.

“But people also need to know that boiled KFC chicken bones make a fantastic soup stock.”

William Yum*
Reportering for The Lapine
*The author has no association with Yum! Brands Corporation.



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